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Hayao Miyazaki

No description

Austyn Rogers

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki
Created many wonderful films such as...
Hayao Miyazaki is known as one of the most famous animators in film-making history, and is often dubbed as "The Walt Disney of Japan" and "Japan's Animation King" (Schilling). His films are popular for their ability to entertain and inspire viewers of all ages, and occasionally cause controversies, despite most parents and critics claiming that two-dimensional animation is "just for kids." With over ten award-winning animated films, Hayao Miyazaki's beautiful works themed on love, friendship, nature, magic and pacifism inspired the world positively by pursuing his passion of creating stories from, and for the heart.
Hayao Miyazaki was raised around planes throughout his childhood, and had a talent drawing these heavy flying machines. He had also become interested in manga, a brand-new art form back around World War II. The young Miyazaki began to turn his attention to pursuing animation during his third year of high school when he went to see the first full-length anime movie,
Hakujaden (The Tale of the White Serpent)
. He fell in love with the story and it's beauty, and thus he gained a passion for drawing and creating films- although he had ran into his first obstacle: drawing people (Feldman).
After graduating high school and Gakushin University with degrees in Politcal Science and Economics, Miyazaki landed a job for Toei Douga, the same studio that distributed Hakujaden. After working on the studio's features,
Watch Dog Bow Wow
and Toei's first animated series,
Wolf Boy Ken
, Miyazaki quickly became the leader of Toei's demonstrating animators (Feldman.)
Hayao Miyazaki is pacifist with an anti-war mindset. He strongly believes that Japan's involvement in World War II nearly killed them, and that going back to imperialist ideas will do nothing but cause harm (Yu). Miyazaki also believes there should be balance between technology and the natural world. Miyazaki's ideas are greatly emphasized in his films, such as the conflict between war and the natural world in one of his most famous films, Princess Mononoke (Scott).
Princess Mononoke by Sakimichan at Deviantart.com (Fan Art)
By Austyn Storm Rogers
Although Miyazaki's works are suitable for an audience of all ages, there have been some topics and themes of his films that have caused some controversies. For example, his latest and claimed to be his last film,
The Wind Rises
, is a love story about a man with an affinity for planes and his love towards a girl with an incurable disease. The setting of the story is during The Great Quake that shook japan during World War I and later during World War II, where the young man ended up designing the infamous kamikaze plane (Corliss). A few of his other films, such as
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
showed scenes involving blood and
Howl's Moving Castle
, where the setting of the story is in a world where two kingdoms are engaging in war.
Despite some of his controversial faults, Miyazaki is famous for his storytelling and ability to make outstanding, strange yet beautiful films. Without his films, Pixar wouldve been stumped on creating new films for a few years and we wouldve never had our own magical stories such as Wall-E and Toy Story (Yu). Many viewers of his films claim to have a sense of happiness or even "nostalgia" after watching his films.Miyazaki expresses in an interview that, “Nostalgia has many appearances and that it’s not just the privilege of adults”. He also states how he believes how storytelling has the magical ability of stimulating and amazing their listeners (Mes). In another interview with Schilling, Miyazaki shows a more passionate side of himself, stating that, “We want to make films that people can’t forget for the rest of their lives.”

The End.
Miyazaki's films are enjoyable for any age, and will continue to inspire and entertain people throughout the world.
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