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Freshwater Mussels

No description

Nosey Nosey

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Freshwater Mussels

Freshwater Mussels

These are our theories about the disappearance of the freshwater mussels and our solutions to fix the problem

Bethany, Clay, Josh
Weather effects the flow of rivers. Weather affects the habitat of the freshwater mussels. This can play a part in the shrinkage of the population of the freshwater mussels.
Chemicals are having a big effect on the mussels. Fertilizer and pesticides are included. Pollution can also add to the disappearance of the freshwater mussels.
Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries
Capital City Resources
Our ideas to solve this the disappearance of the freshwater mussels is to alert the fertilizer companies and let them know that the over-dosage is polluting the river.

Capital City Resources
A local Boy Scout Troop found a 40-gallon barrel that was leaking unknown substance near Kenton Run.
EnviroMax was discovered to be putting on too much fertilizer and pesticides. This is also contributing to the disappearance of the freshwater mussels.

Capital City Resources
Another solution that we have is making sure that the animals around the rivers aren't being hunted or fished. Animals play a part in keeping the rivers clean.
Capital City Resources
Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries
If the chemicals and pesticides do affect the mussels, we could hire a new lawn care company. This could ensure that over-dosage isn't happening.
why was everyone stalking u at science

because I was at the midle computer surrounded by girls the obnoctush ones
poor u
go to the link i pasted
i did a sec ago
it explains some facts about mussels
oh. there ws some useful tips

It gives us an ancer
we did a jeapordy
reveiw in
Capital City Resources
Our last solution is to put a filter up so that it can filter out anything bad.
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