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Different Examples of Transformations and Your Use For Them During Everyday Activities

Tells a story of how many energy transformations take place in a day by using just a few examples.

Haley Branch

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Different Examples of Transformations and Your Use For Them During Everyday Activities

Different Examples of
Energy Transformations Haley Branch It's morning, and you wake up with a sudden craving for toast. Your toaster transforms electrical energy to thermal energy to toast the bread. You realize that your dog must be as hungry as you are, so you feed him some Kibbles 'N Bits. Your body transformed the chemical energy in the toast to the mechanical energy you need to move your muscles, and to feed your dog. You hear your phone ring, and leave the dog to answer the phone in private (although the dog wouldn't be able to understand you anyway). The phone had to transform electrical energy to electromagnetic energy for the call to come to your phone. She asks you to meet her at the mall, and you accept. You climb in your car, and crank the engine, which creates a spark, caused by electrical energy. The thermal energy of the spark releases chemical energy in the fuel. In turn, the fuel's chemical energy becomes thermal energy, which is then converted to mechanical energy used to move the car, and to electrical energy to produce more sparks. After you arrived at the mall, you and your friend meet up at a restaurant and decide to shop 'til you drop for the rest of the day! Different Types Of Energy Chemical






Not all of these examples are used in this presentation.
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