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Wine Not !

No description

Cécile Rohart

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Wine Not !

Wine Not !
3 ways for profits !
Business Model
The Events : Share your Experience !
Private Sales :
With all the products sold on our
E-shop & Newness

Private Wine -Tasting in Lisbon :
with our
Wine Producers & Experts
The E-shop : Purchase Online !
Find online the products you discovered through the box
Get discounts
Enjoy the Secure Payment
2 Bottles

of wine
1 Booklet
with tips
1 Voucher

for wine tasting at the "Producer of the month's" place
1 Surprise
linked from a month to another
From the customer's side
From our side
Zero stock
Create a regular consumption
Get feedback
Who is our customer ?
He is
inexperienced in wine
He is
He is
He is looking for
He can be
both gender
He is more
between 25 and 65
He is familiar with
He likes to make
or to be
Competitors Analysis
We don't have direct competitors in Portugal
BUT Many Indirect Competitors :
What are our costs ?
Gourmet Stores
Wine baskets
Wine stores
Online shops
Wine Tasting Rooms
The "selection of the month" from vinhoweb.pt
The first "Producer of the Month" of Wine Not
"Clients are satisfied to receive their wine at home. And it's your concept"
"That kind of box completely fits the vision of our business"
"Customer loyalty is made through the producer. Not through the wine"
The wine box : What does
it contain ?
How are we selecting our wines?
About the Producer
About the Wines
Each month, 2 bottles of Wine from the same winery
Each month, the discovery of a new producer
Good Quality-Price ratio
Portuguese wines from unknown exploitation
Wines will be linked to the monthly theme of the box (Rosé during summer)
Small portuguese producers
Who doesn't use the supermarket distribution
Who wants to create a deep relation with his customer
Who allows us a strong discount
Pro ... and Cons !
How are we going to be competitive ?
How are you going to build our network ?
What are our potential opportunities of expansion ?
Just a kind of
Not a
"concept box"
monthly subscritption
(no regularity)
Just for a personnal consumption (can't be a present)
No relation
with the customers (no advice, no surprise)
The cost of the box
(49€) does not include the delivery costs (6,50€)
The french Wine Box
AND a high potentiality of new entrants !
= the price should not exceed
15 €
wine market goes well
in Portugal despite the crisis
It represents
of the market of alcoholic beverages
The per capita wine consumption is
the highest in the world
(46,8 L/year)
represents the most used distribution channel
Concept boxes
are a fully success
Concept boxes don't exist in Portugal :
we are the first
in that market
We need to
create a new consumption way
To make people
change their mind
To win
people's trust
To create a very
strong network
More than
10 boxes
launched in 2 years
Business Model
By constantly being
By our
, both in the box, the e-shop and our events
By the
new life given to the mail box
By the
surprise thrill
By our
By our
Through the
Social Networks
: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest ...
our website and our blog
(plateform for customers)
launch events

contests in Lisbon
and on the
social networks
to win free subscription
wine educative videos
the medias
(sending the box to influential people)
international wines
Widening our
product range
(gourmet box, lifestyle box, ...)
Make a
premium range
Opening a
permanent store
"We don't want to sell wine, we want to sell the concept of wine"
"Wine experience is driven by emotions"
=> Need to protect our Business with patents !!!
Ribeiro Corréa
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