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Reading Genre

Presentation used to introduce different reading genres to 4th grade students.

Erin Wolski

on 23 November 2011

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Transcript of Reading Genre

Fiction Fantasy Historical Fiction Science Fiction Mystery Traditional Literature Realistic Fiction A fictional story that takes place
in a particular time period in the past.
Often the setting is real, but the
characters ae made up from the
author's imagination. A type of fantasy that uses
science and technology.
(robots, time machines, etc.) A suspenseful story about a
puzzling event that is not
solved until the end of
the story. A story using made-up
characters but could happen
in real life. Stories that are passed down from one
group to another in history. This
includes folktales, legends, fables,
fairytales, tall tales, and myths
from different cultures. A story including elements that
are impossible such as talking
animals or magical
powers. Non-Fiction Informational Texts that provide facts about a
variety of topics (sports, animals,
science, history, careers, travel,
geography, space, weather, etc.) Biography The story of a real person's
life written by another
person. Autobiography The story of a real person's
life that is written by that person. Poetry Poetry is verse written to create
a response of thought and feeling
from the reader. It often uses
rhythm and rhyme. READING GENRES What does genre mean? A genre is a particular type, sort, or category.
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