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Vagrant in practice - Jenkins

A quick introduction to using Vagrant with Chef. Jenkins cookbook is put together as an example.

Ondřej Kupka

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Vagrant in practice - Jenkins

A Vagrant step by step guide Vagrant in practice - Jenkins A tool for creating and configuring virtual environments
provisioning Vagrant Vagrant handles VirtualBox for you! You use just a very simple command line interface. Virtualization How to use Chef Solo to provision your VM Provisioning The result Thank you! Import a basebox Step 1: Prepare your VM Makefile for your infrastructure Step 2: Create Vagrantfile Don't forget to download the cookbooks first! Step 3: Start the machine And now we can roll! Step 4: Start using it In our case, visit localhost:8080 and start using Jenkins! Cookbooks are recipes for Chef, telling it what resources to install, not really how to install them. Chef then chooses the right Provider for your particular system and uses it to create or install the resource. That can be anything from a package to a database user. You just have to make sure your resources are idempotent. Chef Cookbooks Recipes Cookbooks building blocks Resources definitions Uses attributes to parameterize stuff Jenkins up and running in a few minutes. Once you are finished, just clean up your environment and release all system resources. Step 5: Cleanup
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