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Acid Rain

No description

Laura Sievert

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Acid Rain

Acid Rain What is acid rain? Acid rain is a term used to reffer to a mixture of wet and dry deposition from the atmosphere with higher than normal amounts of acid. Wet Deposition If the acids are blown to a place where
the weather is wet, they can fall to
the ground in the forms of rain, fog,
snow, or mist. Dry Deposition In the areas where the weather is dry, the acid
may combine with dust or smoke and fall to
the ground Polution goes up Mixes with the air Deposits EQUATION= Oxygen Sulfur
Dioxide Sulfur
Trioxide Water Sulfuric
Acid Products= Sulfur Dioxide
Sulfur Trioxide
Reactants=Sulfur Trioxide
Sulfuric Acid
1 Sulfur
2 Oxygen
2 Hydrogen Why should I care? Acid rain can be very harmful to the forests.
It causes slowed growth, injury, or death to
many trees. Acid Rain flows straight into lakes and streams
and affects the aquatic wildlife living there,
and damages the quality of the water. WHY DO I CARE!?
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