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Daniel Bao I4 Prezi

Good luck presenting!

Anirban Sarkar

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Daniel Bao I4 Prezi

Greetings Ping Pong Club! CPS-3 And Innovation4 A Quick Introduction The Ambassador System Eligibility Where do you come in? Who Are We? The Reason Behind the Name We Call ourselves Innovation4 because we are based on 4 I's:

1. Innovate
2. Implement
3. Improve
4. Inspire Goal: FIGHT CANCER!!!! Our Problem With Cancer "My father died of cancer and my teenage daughter died hours after her initial diagnosis. " All Quotes pulled from the American Cancer Society Website In the US, one out of every four deaths is associated with cancer.... So...... Exactly what can we do about cancer? The team of Innovation4 has teamed up with the American Cancer Society. Together, ACS & I4 will spread awareness in the Pearland and Houston community about the American Cancer Society's new cancer study. What Exactly is CPS-3? CPS-3 is the American Cancer Society's third cancer prevention study. How CPS-3 Saves Lives Results from previous cancer prevention studies have shown:
link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer.
link between obesity and cancer
impact of hormones, physical activity, diet, various medications and vitamins, and other factors in relation to cancer risk
impact of air pollution on cardiopulmonary conditions
link between diabetes and cancer of the colon and pancreas
link between aspirin and the reduced risk of colon cancer
link between physical exercise and the lower risk of various cancers Why Another CPS-3? The current CPS-II population is aging.
The environment and a person's lifestyle changes over time. Anyone from the ages of 30-65 can participate.
Must have no personal history of cancer.
Be willing to make a long-term commitment to the study. Why should I tell everyone to participate? This is a program with great scientific credibility that has the potential to solve the mysteries of cancer. Scientific Credibility of CPS-3 All findings will be peer-reviewed by scientists and professors at prominent universities such as Emory.
All research is done by 9-doctoral level & 12-masters level personnel. Innovation4 would like the help of the Sacred Heart youth group to help spread the message of the American Cancer Society. What participating students will be doing... Participating students will help Innvovation4 in:
Door-to-Door Campaigns
Putting up posters around Dawson and Pearland
Telling everyone else! How You Can Register With Us Please provide us with your
grade level
(if possible) a contact number
Join us on Facebook!
E-mail all of this info to the following e-mail address: innovate.four@gmail.com. Eligibility People eligible for participation in the ambassador system must be committed. He/she must have a group of more than 15 people to which to present. Benefits Participating will potentially help stop CANCER through presenting ideas to other groups.
A signed letter from the American Cancer Society commending efforts (possibly).
Eligibility to vote on Innovation4 policies.
Innovation4 leadership position. Thank you for watching!!! Privacy of CPS-3 All staff members sign a non-disclosure agreement.
No information is sent to any third-parties; CPS-3 is strictly between the participant and ACS.
Your information will only be used for the study and by the study.
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