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Kayla Fairweather

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Unbreakable

What was our Article About?
Our article was about four teens who were faced with a tragedy, but overcame it, and grew stronger.
Kayla Carmona
Kayla's dad and younger sister were killed in a tornado when she was twelve. She survived, and is now counseling other tornado survivors on how to deal with grief. She still gets anxious when it starts to rain, but she's learning to get over this. Her tip for us is to open up, and share your emotions with others to get over a tragedy.
Nick Ventura
Nick was in a snowboarding accident that left him unable to walk or talk. He was reluctant to go to rehab, but found a reason to fight: he wanted to snowboard again. He founded an organization called the 11 Foundation, which teaches people about the importance of wearing a helmet. Now, he is back on the slopes. His tip for us is that we need to find a reason to fight through our troubles.
Sydney Corcoran
Sydney was at the Boston Marathon with her mother during the terrorist bombing in 2011. Her mother had to have both legs amputated, and Sydney had to have multiple surgeries. The road has been tough, but the two have learned to overcome challenges by putting things in perspective. Since they survived the bombing, all their other troubles seem small in comparison. Sydney is now in college studying to be a marine biologist therapist, which is a combination of a marine biologist and an occupational therapist.
JaQue Billingsley
JaQue was a star football player and wrestler at his school. Due to a wrestling accident, he had to have his leg amputated. His determination to play football again helped him make an effort to recover quickly. Now, he is a football player at Pasadena City College, and doesn't let his prosthetic leg get in his way. His tip for us is to not let our misfortunes define us.
Quiz Time!!
Presented by: Kayla Fairweather, Gaby Gonzalez, Avery Hendrick, Emma Laskarzewski, Max Wortman
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