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Heather Campbell

Nursing Portfolio

Willow Campbell

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell LMT
123 S. 10th Place
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Clinical Performance Evaluations
Community Service & Volunteerism
Goals & Objectives
My goal is to pass Nursing 131 and the remainder of the Yavapai College Nursing Program. With the completion of the program my goal will be to pass NCLEX and become a Registered Nurse. Through the clinical self-evaluation form I am discovering my inadequacies and attempting to improve in these areas. I would like to improve my communication skills and acquire the clinical skills necessary to efficiently perform the duties of a competent nurse.
My long term goal is to work in obstetrics, preferably with a nurse-midwife. I would like to incorporate my skills as a massage therapist into my nursing practice. For example, teaching effective ways to care for the changing body of the pregnant woman, and other techniques to aid in comfort during intrapartum, and teach new parents infant massage. I view touch as a powerful healing tool. My overall intention is to positively affect clients in any setting or situation.

1st Semester Goals & Objectives
My goal for this semester is to process and retain as much of the information presented to me. I have heard this semester is a whirlwind of information. Of course, my ultimate goal is to succeed in navigating this semester with a passing grade. I plan on keeping up with my reading and preparing for exams in a timely manner. I am going to try to assert myself in the clinical setting and put my clinical learning to practice on patients when appropriate. I will keep an open mind to the different areas of nursing for possible future areas of interest for employment. I would like to make connections at VVMC, since this is where I think I would like to work in the future. I will also continue to work on my communication and clinical skills.
My long term goal is to work in obstetrics, preferably with a nurse midwife. I would like to incorporate my skills as a massage therapist into my nursing practice. I would like to teach partner massage and infant massage to the families of our community.

3rd Semester Goals & Objectives
2nd Semester Goals & Objectives
My Goals for this semester are to continue to fine tune my clinical skills. I will attempt to check as many skills off the list of those I have yet to perform on an actual person, for example, insertion of a foley catheter and an NG tube. I will try to complete my IVPB and IV push check off as soon as possible, so I may continue to improve these skills as well.
I would like to attend some professional development workshops. I will continue to look for volunteer opportunities. I would like to make professional connections with staff members at VVMC, to aid me in my career pursuit after graduation. I will keep an open mind on my journey. I will look for other areas that I am passionate about. I will strongly consider these other areas too. The versatility of nursing is one of the reasons I chose to pursue this field.
When it is time to renew my massage license I would like to take a course that will help me in my goal to provide education to pregnant couples and new families. After a brief respite I will consider taking classes towards a BSN. I will reevaluate this after I have secured a job. I am starting my education a little late in life and need to do some soul searching and decide how long I would like to be in school.
Third Semester RN Evaluations

First Semester Clinical Evaluation

Third Semester Clinical Evaluations

Second Semester Clinical Evaluations

Third Semester RN Evaluations

Second Semester RN Evaluations

2010 – 2013
Yavapai College
Associate of Applied Science Nursing
Anticipated Graduation December 2013

Institute for Natural Therapeutics
Massage Therapy License

1992 – 1994
Mesa Community College
Basic Courses Completed no Degree

Yavapai College Unofficial Transcript

Nursing Program Plan

Mesa Community College Unofficial Transcript

Schools Attended and Degrees Obtained
Nursing Assistant Program
March 24,2012

Spirit of Joy Community Health Fair
We provided screening & education for adults. Blood pressure, blood sugar & BMI. We assisted Sue Albright with exams for children, performing initial intake and collecting assessment data. We were also available to review medication lists with community members.
Free Clinic
Agua Prieta

We provided health screenings for adults & children.
Blood pressure, blood sugar & BMI. We prepared educational information for diet & exercise, hypertension, diabetes, & parenting. I secured donations from Dr. Dave Herald & Dr. Mitzi Wasden, two local dentist. They provided us with oral hygiene products which enabled us to share with the children & teach them proper technique. While in Mexico we toured a rehab facility, a community garden, a coffee roasting house, & Frontera de Cristo.

November 2012 – Sorting canned goods with Girl Scout Troop 1919, for The Old Town Mission

November 2012 & 2011 – Assisting Girl Scout Troop 1919 with their Annual
Turkey Dinner to benefit local charities

April 14, 2012 – Assisting Girl Scout Troop 1919 with water station for the Multiple Sclerosis Bike Race

Other Service & Volunteerism
March 24, 2012
Professional Development
Licenses Certifications & Immunizations
Letters Recommendation &
Professional Reference
Semester Summaries
Honors & Awards
Melanie Paradise RN, BSN, CCRN
Yavapai College Clinic Instructor
Relation: Student

Dr. Barb Davis
English Professor
Relation: Student
Dr. Bruce Moseng
Doctor of Chiropractic
Relation: Employee
Elizabeth A. Novotny RN, BSN, CNOR
Yavapai College Clinic Instructor
Relation: Student
Reference List
Scholarship Awards
2013-2014 Florence Nightingale $1000
U of W Sedona $425
2012-2013 Florence Nightingale $2000
2011-2012 Child Care $1000
YC Foundation $500
Follett Book $250
YC Opportunity Grant $200

Second Semester Group Project
As a nurse I aim to positively affect every client, treating them with kindness, showing respect for their individuality as a person and their personal holistic health situation. I will respect myself and my own health and well being, so I may provide quality care with integrity. I will seek out teaching and learning experiences for my clients and for myself so we may grow together as a community.
4th Semester Goals & Objectives
My goals for this semester are to use my time wisely in the Clinical Learning Center, and complete my required time fast and efficiently. I plan to focus on the skills I was unable to perform in previous semesters and improve the skills I feel unconfident in. I will also keep up on my reading and projects for my classes.
I will continue to volunteer for Hospice and improve my therapeutic communication skills. I will help with activities and community service projects with my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. I will make an attempt to attend professional development opportunities provided by SNAYC. I also plan to complete a course in teaching prenatal partner massage. This course will benefit me in numerous ways. One, it will serve as continuing education towards my massage license and more importantly it will assist me in my long term goal to work in Obstetrics and teach this community how to ease discomfort while strengthening bonds and relationships.

Throughout this prezi you may click on individual documents to view them more closely

My attempt to use my time wisely met a few hurdles. I was able to assess my situation and schedule my life accordingly. Once in a routine, I was able to successfully navigate my last semester of nursing school. I completed my clinical learning center hours and turned in projects on time. I adapted my learning style to meet the needs of the semester with success. I am heading into preceptorship with confidence in my clinical abilities.
I volunteered with Verde Valley Community Hospice. The volunteer coordinator paired me with clients in facilities so I was not tied to a schedule and could provide companionship around my school schedule. I helped the Girl Scouts with their Annual Turkey Dinner, which helped them raise money to give back to our community. I attended several professional development activities and completed a course in Prenatal Partner Massage.

Fourth Semester Summary
I effectively communicated with the RN’s I was assigned, the skills I needed to perform. I continued to work on my IV insertion technique; I performed a female foley catheter insertion; gave medications and cared for a client with a PEG tube; and I checked off IVPB & IV pushes. I continue to refine other nursing skills like assessments, medication administration and time management.
I attended a professional development workshop with Hospice. I made a few connections at VVMC and according to my RN Evaluations made a good impression with the staff. I taught my clinical group about dry brushing its benefits and taught children about proper hand hygiene.
I went to Agua Prieta, Mexico to provide teaching and health services to low income neighborhood. I also volunteered at the Spirit of Joy Health Fair, aiding in child health exams and general health screenings for adults.
I have added Mrs. Novotny & Mrs. Paradise professional references and they both wrote me a letter of recommendation.

Semester Three Summary
Repetition is how we learn. As I continue to work with colleagues and patients in real life situations the information becomes clearer and sinks in a little more. I notice the information that I do recall with more ease, coincides with situations that I dealt with in the clinical setting.
I did focused and head to toe assessments. I was able to insert and discontinue IVs, discontinue a female urinary catheter, and administer subcutaneous and IM injections. I performed a bladder scan and administered oxygen via a nasal cannula. I successfully made my first occupied bed.
The few RN evaluations that I received are positive. Both state that I work well with others, complete work on schedule, and have good technical skills.
I did two group presentations this semester. One on gastroenteritis to our class and the other was on bariatric surgery to my clinical group.
I continue to volunteer in my community. In November I helped my daughters Girl Scout Troop sort donated canned goods for the Old Town Mission. I also helped the Girl Scouts with their Annual Turkey Dinner. The girls will collectively decide on a local charity to donate the money raised. In June I assisted Sue Albright with her free children’s clinic for under/non-insured children of the Verde Valley.
I have added my former employer Dr. Bruce Moseng as a reference. I worked with him for four years providing massages to his clients as well as secretarial and billing duties as needed.

Semester Two
Semester One Summary
My goal to improve my effective communication skills will continue to be a work in progress. We can always make improvements in our lives, and although I think my skills have improved, I know that I am capable of doing better. I am fairly confident in my abilities to use my hands and I succeeded in my check-offs. It was the small goal of putting myself out there and trying to take advantage of every opportunity that was sometimes the hardest to attain. I continue to improve the skills I learned in the CNA course.
I completed a presentation on one of my clients’ present health status to my clinical instructor and fellow clinic students.
I volunteered at Sue Albrights' Children’s Clinic for under/non-insured children of the Verde Valley. I assisted Girl Scout Troop 1919 with a MS Bike Race water Station to help fund research for MS.
I added Dr. Barb Davis, a former instructor, as a reference.

I continue to improve on the knowledge obtained during my CNA training, each semester adding more technical nursing skills. I recall information learned in class and apply it in the clinical setting.
My assessment skills have improved over the semesters. I am able to examine a client verbally and physically to gather information to generate a plan of action for the care of that client.
I duplicate skills learned in the Clinical Learning Center, like safely administering medications, insertion of a female catheter, injections, IVPB and IV pushes. I need to improve on my IV insertion skills and learn the finer points of manipulating the equipment as well as the client.
I recognize the need to improve on skills like setting up a sterile field and anything involving NG tubes and chest tubes.
I feel strong in my assessment skills, customer service, and ability to work well with team members. I feel weak with some of my therapeutic communication skills and many technical skills due to lack of practice.
Fourth Semester Peer Teaching Project
In third semester I taught peers from my clinical group about dry brushing. This theory is well know in the alternative world. The idea is, you can promote health by moving the lymph in your system. As I did my research, I came across the idea that bras stop the flow of lymph in the breast area, possibly contributing to breast cancer. Although I did not find conclusive research to back either of these claims, I felt is was worth discussing. As nurses we come in contact with numerous clients unable to perform ADL's let alone exercise. Thus decreasing the flow of lymph. Teaching clients to dry brush may help to move lymph. If not no harm is done.
In second semester I presented the subject of gastritis with a group to the class. The group met and diagnosed what our client had, based on signs, symptoms, and lab values. We came up with medicine induced gastritis. We then divided up the slides needed to make our presentation. We met again to create our presentation and ran through the information to ensure everyone was in agreement with the information. We discussed further testing needed, pathophysiology, objective & subjective date, nursing dx, and interventions.
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