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Uses and Production Process

Prezi on Uses and Production

Sam Shepherd

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Uses and Production Process

Sam Shepherd Production Process Conceptualisiation essentially means coming up with an idea. This is the initial stage of the design process of making interactive media products.
The design team will come up with an idea or concept. Once this has been established they will plan how this concept will be made thinking about components and colours ect.
During the planning stage various things will be considered e.g Design, Colour, Price and content.
Planners may do some market research to see what existing products they are competing against.
They may also use a mood board to help them think of new ideas. roles will be assigned to everyone so they know what job they have in the production process. Conceptualisation And Planning Once an Idea has been thought of it will be up to the design team to design the interactive media product. This will involve them deciding what content will be in the product and where, this may be things like videos, text, images and gaming content.
The designers need to map out the brief and expand on it. They may use a storyboard to show what will be on each page, menu ect. They may also write coding for the product to run a welcome message or a message alert. They will need to make separate visuals for each page.
The design team will need to think carefully about how they design the product depending on the brief and the target market. Design When the media product has been designed it will then be built by software engineers who will take the design and bring it to life. The design may need to be tweaked if the design cannot be made by the software engineers.
They bring together all the elements that make up the media product and put them together, this would include the images, videos, sound, text and interactive elements. Creation When the Interactive media product has been created all the elements will be put together so people can use the product. The production team will need to be sure that the product works before they can send it for testing. They may not send the product straight to market because it needs to be tested by people to check the product works as it should. Implementation It is almost certain that the product will not be 100% perfect at this stage. This is why before the Interactive media product is put on the market it needs to be tested. Testers may only find slight problms that need to be ironed out or in some cases they may find fundamental flaws in the product that need to be eradicated before it can be sold on the market. Without this testing many products would fail because they would be sent to market with problems and therefore people would not buy them. Testing Finally when testing is complete the product will be evaluated to check that it is as good as it can possibly be before it is sento to market. The Interactive media product should by this point fit the brief. The product should be as close to it's first design as possible and should perform the job it was made for. Most importantly all it's interactive features should work. For example a Facebook app may look good but it would be useless if you couldn't interact with it. Review & Evaluation Uses Of Interactive Media Products Interactive Media Products are used in marketing and advertising all the time. One example is car companies who allow you to edit how you want your car and it adjusts the price accordingly.Or as in the image below the car website allows you click on different parts of the car and find information such as safety features. Having an interactive product is good for advertising because people are more likely to buy or at least remember something if they can interact with it. Marketing Promoting and Advertising Interactive media products such as interactive CD Roms are often used in schools. They are a great way to engage children because children like to be hands on and like to interact with things. They give children a different way to learn that involves interaction rather than just listening to a teacher and writing all day, which can be boring. These products help engage children and make them enjoy learning. They may be used for training purposes if the job requires them. Education, Training and assessment Interactive Media is very popular in the Entertainment industry. There are hundreds of music apps on the market where people can purchase music and listen to it. There are also comedy apps and cinema apps all linked to the entertainment industry. People can book cinema or music tickets, read and write reviews and access all the latest film and music information. There are also interactive media products dedicated to streaming videos that people can watch when they visit the site for example YouTube is an entertainment website that streams videos. Entertainment The gaming industry thrives on interactive media products. There are 1000s of gaming apps sold on all the various app stores with famous games such as Angry Birds. Virtual Reality is another thriving market using interactive products. These games allow you to feel like you are part of the game or controlling the game. Examples include Nintendogs and XBOX Kinect.
There are also interactive media products that are used for simulation. Formula 1 drivers often use simulators for them to practice driving on certain race tracks and enable there bodies to experience what will happen when they drive a real F1 car Games, Virtual Reality & Simulation Interactive media produacts are now used to enable people to access the latest news and information anywhere, anytime. Apps such as the BBC news app allow people to read the news on their mobile device. This is a great way for people to keep up with the news while on the go. This also gets young people more interested in the news because it will seem more cool if they can access it on their phones.
There are also information apps such as the Wikipedia mobile app that allows users to retrieve information on many subjects.
Journalists can also tell people news stories on interactive apps such as Twitter this is a good way for journalists to tell the news to lots of people quickly. Journalism and Information
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