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Cyprus Friendship Program Presentation

An all volunteer initiative to foster trust and understanding through interaction between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

C Calder

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Cyprus Friendship Program Presentation

CFP Participants are Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots between the ages of 15-18.

Selection Criteria Include:
English language proficiency,
Leadership potential,
Commitment to bi-communal peace building, and
Feasibility of participation.

Once selected, participants choose their partner from the other community. Pairs are required to introduce their families to each other. Impact of CFP multiplies in Cyprus The participants Cyprus Friendship Program U.S. Residential The Elders Selection The Children's Friendship Project of Northern Ireland built trust and understanding between Protestant and Catholic youth for 21 years. The CFP Model CFP begins with trust and reconciliation workshops and bi-communal events Host families provide
a room for two teens share
in a safe and neutral environment. CFP teens learn teamwork and trust. CFP teenagers gain valuable experience cooperating together on meaningful projects like Habitat for Humanity. Group activities promote bonding among all the teens in each area of the United States. Group Activities Host Families

Nicos Anastasiou did a 20 presentation for TEDx Cyprus, which is accessible online.

CFP teens featured on CyBC TV program "Under the Same Sky" 30 min. aired twice (subtitled)

CyBC aired another 30 minute interview with CFP teens on TV and online (subtitled)

One CFP Alumni hosted 4 other CFP alumni for a 60 min. program on Radio Mais (N. Cyprus)

Genc TV (N. Cyprus) hosted 60 min. interview with one CFP pair

Bi-communal group presentations in Famagusta, N. Nicosia, Morfou, Dhali, Limassol, Pafos, Latsia, Larnaca Rotary, and in Kyrenia

Sigma TV (S. Cyprus) broadcast a 15 minute live interview with a CFP pair on a popular morning show

CyBC Radio 2 broadcast a 15 minute interview with a CFP pair

Astra Radio (S.Cyprus) 60 min. program featuring a CFP pair aired on radio and online

Bi-communal group presentations to hundreds of students at the Grammar School in Nicosia, English School in Nicosia, American Academy of Nicosia and the American Academy of Larnaca

Cyprus Mail published an article on CFP on January 15, 2012

SIM TV (N. Cyprus) scheduled a 60 min. live interview with 2 CFP coordinators

Astra Radio (S.Cyprus) and Radio Mais (N. Cyprus) invited the CFP to broadcast the first regularly occuring bi-communal, bi-lingual, radio program for young people. CPF Alumni tell the story of their friendship with a partner from the other community. Ropes Course In America, CFP teens learn about cultural diversity and environmental sustainability. Community Service Leadership development The CFP alumni present a vision of what is possible in Cyprus. Their stories of friendship and trust are authentic and compelling. Thousands of teens witness the friendship through presentations at school assemblies, on the radio, on TV and Facebook. The 2011 CFP-PDX teenagers gave seven presentations in four weeks to groups such as Rotary.
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