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Sports of Central America

No description

Gabe Overway

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Sports of Central America

Sports in Central America By Gabe Overway 2nd Hour Mexico Mexico's main sport is soccer and they have been playing it for a long time. They also like boxing and bullfighting. Guatemala Guatemala's number one sport is soccer. Other sports Guatemala likes to do are cycling and wrestling. Panama Panama's number one sport is soccer. Golfing and boxing are other famous sports. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico's main sport is baseball. Other sports are basketball, cycling, golf, and much more. Nicaragua Nicaragua's national sport is baseball. Other sports are hiking, biking, football, and soccer. Costa Rica Costa Rica's national sport is soccer. They also like basketball and volleyball. Jamaica Jamaica's number one sport is cricket. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic's number one sport is baseball. Cuba Cuba's number one sport is baseball. Honduras Honduras's number one sport is soccer. Belize Belize's number one sport is soccer. THE END MICHIGAN IS AWESOME!
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