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EWB-DC Panama Project

No description

Rahul Mitra

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of EWB-DC Panama Project

Engineers Without Borders - DC
Centro de Recursos Educativos En Rincón - ¡CREER! (BELIEVE!)
Novel Project - construction and electrical engineering focus
Community Empowerment through capacity-building and access to information
Community cohesiveness and organization
Panama - Cheap airfare, Spanish speaking, several EWB projects
Historically marginalized and isolated indigenous community
Support of ACD, HEH and INADEH
EWB - DC Partnership
Alliance for Conservation & Development Panama (ACD)
Resources & Partners
Next Steps
¿Dónde está?
Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé
Hato Rincón
¡Kobo Kuin Dere!
Bird's eye view of Hato Rincón
Mata Sapo dance
Ngäbere Family
Hato Rincon
Population: 316
Ngabe-Bugle Indigenous community
Capital of Jadeberi (township)
Current Infrastructure
Primary school (secondary school being constructed)
Health post
Water system
Community Center
Fish Ponds
Agricultural & Commercial Cooperatives
Proposed Project:

Construction of Educational Resource Center
The Need
Educational resources
Access to information and communication
Technical skills
The Potential
Computer education for all schoolchildren
Preservation of Ngabe-Bugle culture and language
Up-to-date information and news
Access to government services
Reliable communication
Democracy & Transparency
Community organization meeting space
Centro de Recursos Educativos En Rincon
Civil structure to house Resource Center
Computer Lab
10 Computers
Solar panels / Batteries
Satellite Internet System
Educational Resources
Software / Internet
Community Center
Meeting space for community organizations
Culture/Language Preservation Initiative
Health Empowering Humanity (HEH)
Rotary Clubs (Boquete & David)
Panamanian Government Agencies (MEDUCA)
Technical University of Panama (UTP)
Other EWB Programs (7 chapters)
EWB Application (501 + 502)
EWB-USA Approval
Engaging in-country partners
Collaborating with community
Assessment Trip I
Technical Support - Construction & Electrical
Training & Education
Raise funds
Local Materials
Manual Labor
Continual operation & maintenance
Logistical support to EWB-DC
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