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Anthoney Ray Baeza!<3

No description

Jessine West

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Anthoney Ray Baeza!<3

#CakeBoss Anthony R Baeza Anthony Ray Baeza The Music he plays:
genre Turning Point: Who sighed Baeza? Randoms Anthony is his real name. Baeza is his stage name.
He choose this name because its his last name. Rap, R&B, Club, Dubstep, Hip Hop. Baeza is from Fresno, California. He grew
up there and is still living there. First Song: Racks on Racks Cover
Song that got him Famous: Far From Ready
Albums: Dough & Dro
Songs: Own Beats Songs on life, Sex, Smoking, all him Mexican Style "Swag" Baeza asked for one thing on Christmas and he got it. It was a soft wear that would let him create his own beats. He finely decided that's were he'll start producing. Baeza started with just beats but, then he started writing lyrics to go with them. Baeza really starting to become famous by YouTube. Baeza had so many offers to get singed by Records, But he denied them for unsaid reasons. Baeza finally found a Sponsor that he improved to sigh him and that was Management "Maw Records" On March 28 2012. Before that day he was just YouTube Famous. School: Baeza school is unknown. All he says
is that he wanted to finished school before he really got started in the Music Business. He thought that
if he did start in the Music Business it might mess up his schooling. He all started by Hip Hop, but as he got more into the Music Business he got better beats. Which turned out to be the one listed above. Where is Baeza from: What was life like before the fame? Life was life. He was a teenager. Baeza Smoked Weed. His dad left when he was little then decided to come back after almost his whole childhood. He lived with his mom. The Basic information : Who Inspired him: Self Inspired Family Supported.
Birthday: January 9 1994. He Thought about music and getting big at the age 13.
He has traveled to New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Chicago, Detroit and plans on going to more. Randoms Part 2 Baeza's family always gave him Positive feedback. His mothers name is Maria Baeza. Baeza dosn't want alot of fans knowing his fathers name because he was never really in Baeza's life. Baeza has done songs with E-40, Paul Raul, Baby Bash, John Hart, and more. All of Baeza's songs are inspired by current or past events. Baezas Personal Info Baeza is having a Kid! Baeza Say All he does is Get High, and Reminisce. Baeza does not have a Motto he says "I Just lives life from day to day." He got kicked out of the crib then started to sell tree. Words From Baeza: "Just knowing that people look up to me as a Role Model is an Amazing feeling it's undersciable, its a drive that pushes me even more. I love my fans'-Anothey R Baeza WebSites: www.OffialBaeza.Com/#CakeBoss.OfficialBaeza.com/Site/ By: Jessine West
Thanks you for watching.
Period 4th
Mrs.Sharpe and Mrs.Jones
2012-2013 <3
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