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Science Chapter 14 Lesson 2

No description

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Science Chapter 14 Lesson 2

Muscle: is made of strong tissue that can contract in an orderly way.
Skeletal Muscle: the type of muscle that attaches to bones.
Voluntary Muscle: which are muscles that you can consciously control.
Cardiac Muscle: which is only found only in the heart,
Involuntary Muscle: which is muscle you cannot consciously control.
Smooth Muscles: are involuntary muscle named for their smooth appearance.

Review Questions
1. Muscle that pumps blood through the body is called _____.
2. A person is unable to control the contractions of _____.
3. Strong tissue that contracts of ______.
4. Which is a voluntary muscle?
5. Explain how the muscular system regulates body temperature.
Answer's Con...
Answer 6. A cardiac muscle is a muscle that has muscle and a smooth muscle is a muscle that is smooth that has no muscle.
Answer 7. The biceps and triceps are given this muscle more muscle.
Answer 8. Three functions of the muscle functions are cardiac, involuntary, and smooth muscles.
Answer 9. If a smooth muscle in a person body could not contract the muscle could vanish.
Answer 10. It is important to exercise for your body muscle because it lets your muscle have more energy and it let's it be more healthy.
Review Questions Con...
6. Distinguish between a cardiac muscle and a smooth muscle.
7. Describe the relationship between the two muscle shown.
8. Identify copy and fill in the graphic organizer below to identify three functions of the muscular system.
9. Predict what would happen if the smooth muscles in a person's body could not contract.
10. Assess the importance of exercise for muscle health.
Answer 1. Muscle that pumps blood through the body is involuntary muscle.
Answer 2. A person is unable to control the contractions of voluntary muscles.
Answer 3. Strong tissues that contracts is called muscle.
Answer 4. A voluntary muscle is the stomach.
Answer 5. The muscular system regulates body temperature because it absorbs it.
Science Chapter 14 Lesson 2
Skeletal Muscle
Voluntary Muscle
Cardiac Muscle
Involuntary Muscle
Smooth Muscle
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