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The Wonderful World of Cars

The big milestones and history of automobiles.

essence madison

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of The Wonderful World of Cars

May 14,1886
Karl Benz finished and test drove the first automobile. June 4, 1895
The first pneumatic car tire was introduced by Michelin. January 17,1899
Frenchman Camille Jenatzy invented an electric car that exceeded 1 mile a minute. 1 mile = 97km/h The History of Cars Created By:
Essence A. Madison & Dominique K. Allen Speeding Up Going Forward The First Automobile June 4, 1910
Four wheel brakes invented for a motorcar. April 28, 1926
In Pendine Wales , UK a new Land Speed record was set by Parry Thomas.
272km/h June 4, 1936
The 260D, the first diesel powered passenger car was introduced by Mercedes Benz. September 16, 1947
John Cobbs sets the new Land Speed record to 634 km/h in his Railton mobile. May 4, 1958
In the Saab gt750 the first seat belt was introduced as standard equipment. June 4, 1959
Alec Issignosis designed and produced the BMC Mini. October 4, 1983
In the Black rock desert in Nevada Richard Noble drove the Thrust 2 and set the new land speed record to 1019km/h. October 15, 1997
The Land Speed Record was broken by the Thrust SSC with the speed of 1223.657 Kph at 1 kilometer. It also broke the sound barrier at 1,228 Kph. May 30, 2005
Introduced in the years was the fastest production car with a speed of 431 Kph is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. 3 wheels? It's like a tricycle! It's a bullet! Hit The Brakes! Zooming Ahead Passengers Welcome In 3 years, there was already a 15 month waiting list. Rushing Past Click It or Ticket it! Who knew that years later such a seemingly small invention, could save lives? Minis Matter Thus beginning the start of mini cars! Covering Ground Driving in the middle of a desert to break a record? No Way! Breaking Rules They broke all the barriers! Crossing the Finish Line Then they woke up in a new bugatti.
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