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Medical technology of past, present, and future

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Natalie Kokoska

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Medical technology of past, present, and future

Medical Technology Of the Past, Present and Future First Thermometer
17 Apr 1592 discovered
by Galileo Galilei Smallpox Vaccination Method 17 Apr 1796 discovered by Edward Jenner Stethoscope
17 Apr 1815
discovered by
Rene Laennee Anaesthetic
17 Apr 1800
discovered by
Humphry Davy Blood Types
17 Apr 1901 discovered
by Karl Landsteiner 1592 Scientist complete final
draft on The Humane Genome
17 Apr 2003 Scientists discover how
to use human skin cells
to create embryonic stem
cells in 2007 Laurent Lantieri performs
the first full face transplant
in 2008 First HPV vaccine approved
in 2006 Visual prosthetic (bionic eye)
invented in 2007 by Argus II Future Inventions - ROBODOC WARD ROUND that is used at some hospitals around the country but will most likely be used throughout more hospitals in the future. -Nanobots will be used to remove dangerous cells or repair cells. Treatment for some mental illnesses will also be cured by these. - Robotic surgery is used sometimes now in the present but, it will be used more frequently in the future. - Individual drugs will be used for certain illnesses or diseases specified for a specific person. 2012
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