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All about Waves!

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 12 July 2018

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Transcript of All about Waves!

All about Waves!
What is REALLY being passed along?
Waves are..?
Ther are _____ types of wave.___________ waves and __________e waves.
Longitudinal waves are caused by c______ and ___________s and they travel along a straight l______. An example of a Longitudinal wave is a ________ wave.
____________ waves move from s_____ to side and they have p____ and ______hs.
To know the structure of waves
To know the application of the ideas of waves
Look at page 304 and write down in your own words...what is:

1. Frequency
2. Wavelength
3. Pitch
4. Amplitude
5. Hertz

Parts of a wave
Watch the board

Draw the wave
Take a look at questions 1-6 on page 305
Waves involve the transport of energy without the transport of matter.
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