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QA 2014 2nd Year KPI

No description

Kenny Chen

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of QA 2014 2nd Year KPI

40% for total score
So will be.....
110 Points: 0 P0 issues out
100 Points: Less than 2 P0 issues or 4 P1 issues out
80 Points: More than 4 P0 issues or 6 P1 issues out
Review for never lose issue out
All test cases renew!
Add new HW & Cameras Tests
Test cases Review
110 Points: Done all tests & reports
100 Points: Done 80% tests & reports
80 Points: Done lower than 80%
The Goal
Let Sales & Support team to have a reference
R&D team will know what we need to improve
For all NVR systems(include new)
So will be......
110 Points: All systems setup ready and start to use
100 Points: Done for 2 systems
80 Points: Lower than 2 systems
We will......
20% for total score
Time off system for whole company
JIRA need backup or lost forever
New Testlink server for new cases
The Goal
Performance test
Systems On Line
QA 2014 2nd Year KPI
40% for total score
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