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Anorexia Script

No description

Jocelyn Nunez

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Anorexia Script

Scene 1
Narrator: It's just any other plain day in Jocelyn's life. The same routine of Jocelyn waking up and going straight to her mirror and staring at herself.
Jocelyn: Why am I so fat? I detest my life so much!
*mad at self*
Jocelyn: I just need to get less fat! I need to be as pretty as I used to be. *paranoid for a couple of seconds*
Narrator: It's time for breakfast, hearing Jocelyn's father scream from a distance to go to the kitchen.
Carlos: Jocelyn! It's time for breakfast! I made you your favorite plate, scrambled eggs and some oatmeal.
Narrator: Jocelyn heads down to the kitchen, and sits down. Staring down at her plate, she feels little to no appetite.
Jocelyn: I'm not really hungry dad...
Carlos: Darling, you need to eat. This is the most important meal of the day. You can go to the gym in the evening. I see you've been gaining some weight.
Jocelyn: Can I just be excused?
Carlos: Fine, but here have this granola bar. At least eat this! Hurry, it's almost time to take you to school.
Jocelyn: Okay dad, well I'm ready.
Carlos: Let's go then, but seriously darling.. You need to start exercising more. Your clothes are starting to fit you really tight.. and you're stomach.. well it's starting to look more like Santa Clause's stomach.
Narrator: Jocelyn says nothing to her dad. She frowns without her dad looking at her. A tear runs down her cheek, and she wipes it off.

Scene 2
Narrator: As Jocelyn arrives to school, she goes straight to the restroom.
Jocelyn: I hate my dad. I hate myself. I hate myself!! I have no friends. No one understands me.
Narrator: Jocelyn stands in front of the school mirror and stares at her body. She see's herself in disgust. Another girl walks in the restroom, and Jocelyn stares at her in disguise. She says in her mind, "why can't I look like her? She's so perfect, skinny."
Narrator: It's time to go to class, but Jocelyn refuses to go. She stays in the restroom the whole school day, sitting in the toilet seat with the door closed. She cries silently to herself.
Jocelyn: *whispers* this is the only thing that makes me feel better.
Narrator: Jocelyn takes two fingers and pushes them to the back of her throat, making her throw up. Scene 3
Narrator: Jocelyn and her brother, Chris, are watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show together in the living room.
Chris: Why can't you be as skinny and pretty as them?!
Jocelyn: I try to be as skinny and pretty..
Chris: Well, you don't try hard enough. I'm pretty handsome, but you on the other hand, have let yourself go pretty bad.. I mean, look at those girls. They're perfect! Their collar bones are showing. Their hips bones are popping out. Their hair is perfectly done. They have no fat hanging out of their stomach. They're the real definition of beauty.
Jocelyn: I try Chris.. I try being skinny.
Narrator: Jocelyn stands up and runs to her bathroom and bursts into tears. She recalls the last meal she actually had was days ago. She can't take feeling this way any longer. Jocelyn opens the toilet seat, kneels in front of it and throws up.
Narrator: Jocelyn's father call her to go eat dinner.
Jocelyn: Whats this dad?
Carlos: This is dinner for you, you see the rest of the family is tall and skinny. But you on the other hand havent lost a single pound.
Jocelyn: Not every one can look like chris!
Chris: Yeah you can, just workout and dont eat like a pig!
Narrator: You see how Jocelyn's problems are putting the family into a fight, a small issues becoming a big deal!
Jocelyn: Im only 5 pounds over what i was back when you loved me! How can 5 pounds make such a difference.
Chris: 5 pounds is the difference between hot or not!
Jocelyn: Good night! ( storms off to her bedroom)

Scene 4
Jocelyn: Why cant they just accept me for who I am? I use to be ok with myself, but now i cant stand to look at myself?

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