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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Vir: Janez Skela: Touchstone 8)

Peter Zupan

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United Kingdom
British Isles: geographical name: Great Britain and the whole of Ireland (Northern and Southern)
The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
(Great) Britain: consists of three countries: England, Scotland and Wales.
England is the largest country in Great Britain
About Great Britain
The flag of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The flag of the UK is called Union Jack. It's three flags in one.
a red cross on white background
a white (diagonal) cross on blue
a red (diagonal) cross on white
Welsh flag is not in the Union Jack
it is white and green
it has got a red dragon as a coat of arms
Britain's Landmarks
the capital of England and the UK
it has got 6,400,000 inhabitants
the biggest city in the UK
Big Ben
officially named: Elizabeth tower
tower clock
near the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)
a symbol of London (you can see it on the postcards)
Houses of Parliament
also called the Palace of Westminster
near the river Thames
politicians have got long debates here
Buckingham Palace
the official home of the queen
it has got beautiful gardens around it
there is a statue of queen Victoria in front of it
Hyde park
London has got many parks - the most famous is Hyde Park
people relax or go for a walk there
sometimes, people make picnic in a park
Trafalgar square
a public space and a tourist attraction
there are many museums and churches there
Tower of London and Tower Bridge
Tower of London was once the fortress of the royal family
Tower Bridge is the most famous bridge over river Thames
Tall ships can go under the Tower Bridge (bascule bridge)
London eye
a giant Ferris wheel on the banks of river Thames
it is 135 metres tall and has a diameter of 120 metres
it is the talles Ferris wheel in Europe
Other capitals of the UK
the capital of Northern Ireland
the capital city of Scotland
the city has a famous castle, three universities and two well known football teams
every year there are many festivals in Edinburgh
the capital of Wales
Nature & Weather
it rains a lot in UK - everything is green
the warmest places are Penzance in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly where the average annual temperature is 11.5 degrees Celsius
in Scotland there are many lakes (Scottish name for lake is a loch)
there are a lot of islands (e.g. Isle of Man)
a cliff is a vertical or very steep natural wall
the most famous cliffs are the white cliffs of Dover (in the picture)
usually, cliffs are near the sea in England
Loch Ness
is a large, deep lake in Scotland
people say that Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) lives there
scientists say that the monster doesn't exist
Ben Nevis:
the highest mountain in the UK (1,344 metres)
it has got three peaks
the name means "snow hill"
The British Way of Life
The British drive on the left
you have to look right before you cross the street in London
The buses in London:
single or double deckers
you can see a lot from a doubled decker
you mustn't stand upstairs in the doubledecker
Barber's pole
red and white stripes represent a bandaged wound
in the past, the town barber was also a surgeon
London Taxi
London taxis are black
people sit "in the back in the back"
Red post boxes and red telephone boxes
you will find pilar post boxes or wall post boxes in Britain
in the past you could see red telephone boxes
one of Britain's most cherished symbols
people love the old phone boxes
people found new uses for phone boxes (library box, drinks cabinet etc.)
People and politics
The Royal Family
Queen Elizabeth II
born in 1926
she gave birth to 4 children
prince Charles (the crown prince)
Princess Anne
Prince Andrew
Prince Edward
she lives in Buckingham Palace and in Windsor castle
we can see her picture on stamps, money and postcards
Famous royal couples:
Prince William and Kate Middleton (left)
they got married in 2011
Prince Charles and Lady Diana (right)
they divorced in 1996
Diana died in a car crash in Paris
Diana was a very good person - she helped orphans, raised money for sick and poor people etc.
The Royal Guard
the best soldiers in the UK
the change of the guard is very famous - tourists come to Buckingham palace to see it
the guards are very disciplined - they stand still even if the tourists make fun of them
English people
good manners, polite
they stand in queue (it is very rude to jump in the queue)
they always talk about the weather
they are not very outgoing
Britain's currency and measures:
currency: pound (£)
pound (lb) - cca. 0,5 kg
mile - cca. 1,6 km
pint - cca. 0,6 l
feet - cca. 0,33 m
inch - cca. 2,5 cm
Food and Meals
breakfast (8 am)
lunch (12-1 pm)
dinner (6 pm)
supper (late in the evening)
Fish 'n' Chips
typical fast food in Britain
fried fish with chips and peas
people serve it in a newspaper
not healthy
English Breakfast:
a big breakfast
sausages, egg, beans, mushrooms
for miners who have to work all day
Country symbols - flowers
Rose - England
Thistle - Scotland
Shamrock - N. Ireland
Daffodil - Wales (also leek)
School system
School system:
age 5-11 primary school
age 11-16 secondary school
age 18 university
state schools, independent schools (Eton)
school lasts from 9 am to 4 pm (lunch time 12 am - 1pm)
pupils usually wear uniforms
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