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The Kite Runner

No description

Kendall Miller

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner
Song Related: "I'll be there for you" by The Rembrandts

Friendship is arguably the most important theme in this novel. Its control over the lives of each character is very important to the story's plot line. Hassan shows unconditional loyalty towards Amir. He would do anything for Amir. Amir on the other hand, does not treat Hassan with very much respect or loyalty.When questioned about their friendship, Amir is temped to say that they are not friends, that Hassan is only his servant, This story shows you the good and the bad sides of friendship and how it can change a life forever. This song connects from Hassan's side of the friendship because no matter what, Hassan will always be there for Amir in any circumstance,
Song Related: 'Angels" by Within Temptation

Betrayal is also one of the main themes to this novel. Betrayal is the conflict in Amir and Hassan's friendship that ultimately changes their lives forever. Amir witnessed Hassan being raped by Assef and kept his lips sealed and did not offer any help. After months of silence, Amir turns around to betray Hassan again by lying to his father to get him kicked out of their house. These actions decay Amir and Hassan's friendship to nothing. This song connects to the story because it is about someone that you trusted had different intentions that ultimately proves you wrong by lying and hurting you. It is about a huge betrayal of trust that ended a relationship, just like Amir and Hassan's.
Song Related: 'Back to December' by Taylor Swift

Redemption is the resolution in this story. This is the part of the story where Amir has his chance to go back and right all of his wrongs and guilts. He does this by fulfilling Hassan, his long lost brothers wishes, by adopting his son and giving him a family and a happy life. This song connects because it is all about wishing you could go back and fix things that happened, yet instead you have to forget and move on. This is just like when Amir moved to America to forget his past, but always had the urge to go back and change what happened in the alley and his fathers office.

Song Related: 'Meant to Live' by Switchfoot

With the title of the story being "The Kite Runner', you can only assume that kites are a big factor in this story. Kites represent Amirs life in this story. They represent his happiness, he sadness, his guilt, and pain. Kites are brought up in many different parts of the story. Amir thinks about kite flying while in the gas tank to comfort him. Amir left the alley the day Hassan was raped due to the retrieval of the blue kite. These are both times when the kites represent dark places in Amirs life. In the end, Amir flys kites with Sohrah to show that the kite now represents the happiness of his new life. In the end, the kite is a symbol for Amir and Hassan's childhood. This song connects to the story because its all about the choices and adversity we face and how we deal with the decisions we make, just like Amirs whole life.

America is a theme due to the change it brought to numerous characters. "America was different. America was a river, roaring along,unmindful of the past. I could wade into this river, let my sins drown to the bottom, let the waters carry me somewhere far. Somewhere with no ghost, no memories, and no sins." This quote spoken by Amir symbolizes his release of feelings and guilt toward his past life. That with a new home in America, he wants to let go of all his past sins. As for Baba on the other hand, he has a difficult time adjusting to his new life in America. This song connects because of the fact that America has always been the home of the free. It was a place of freedom for Amir and Baba as it is for us who live here now.
Song Related; 'Free' by Zac Brown Band

Freedom is something very important to the characters in this story. Freedom is found in many instances in this story, such as moving to America. This not only offers freedom as a citizen for Amir and Baba, but it is also considered a new, fresh start for the men as well. Freedom is also shown in the story when Sohrab is rescued from Assef and adopted by Amir. This song connects to the story because it is all about how every person has their own way of feeling free, physically, emotionally, or mentally.
The Lamb
Song Related: 'Innocent' by Taylor Swift

The lamb is a symbol for innocence in this novel. Amir describes both Hassan and his son Sohrah as lambs waiting to be slaughtered. He uses this for Hassan describing the look on his face before being raped. He uses this for Sohrah describing the look on his face when he first sees him with Assef. He connects them to the lamb because in both instances, they were so innocent, just as a lamb is before being slaughtered. This song connects to the story because it is all about the innocence that every person holds. You can see it in what they do and say. Innocence is a clear trait for both Hassan and Sohrah.

By Kendall Miller
Song Related: 'Pink Houses' by John Mellencamp
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