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Audience Responce and Behaviour

No description

Craig Barton

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Audience Responce and Behaviour

How products are consumed.

How active or inactive their consumption is.
Audience Theory
Audience Response and Behaviour. (UNIT 6-LO3)

PASSIVE consumers.

What is this?
Hypodermic Needle Model.
ACTIVE consumers.

What is this?

Uses and Gratifications theory.
ACTIVE consumers.

Suggests that EVERY text has a meaning, however this meaning is hidden.

How do you extract meaning from texts?
Reception Study.
This is the effect the media have on audiences. This mainly concerns the safeguarding of vulnerable members of society. eg. children.
Effects Debate.
Consumers may be influenced by what they consume.

Assumes audience cannot separate right from wrong and may act out the content.

Is this
Sexually explicit or violent content.
An extremely powerful tool.

Aims to persuade us to consume products to make our lives better.

Are people likely to be pressured into buying products? If yes, who?

- is this
Focuses on
consumption and the audiences ability to decode the texts and make our own choices.

Some believe that audiences should be protected, and the best way to do this is to censor texts, removing the choice of the consumer.

The producer encodes a product with a message that is directly recieved without question.

Think of texts that would be considered to use the Hypodermic needle model.
The audience questions and analyses texts rather than just consuming and accepting.

Think of text that would be considered to use this theory.

-This is how we
the text......



Cultural competence.

Fan Culture.
- Disagrees/rejects the message in the text.

-"Agrees" with the text, but depends on the readers experience/opinions.

-Fully accepts the message, often having similar opinions

-Involved in forming the text. eg. Voting on shows.

Cultural competence.
-Modern tech allows us to further understand differing opinions/cultures.

Fan Culture.
- Fans having an active influence on production.

What do you feel about the concept of active and passive audiences?

How often do you actively read texts?

Positives and negatives of censorship?
- Are there alternatives?

Are there any alternatives that already exist?
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