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Buffalo's organic pizza business plan 1

No description

Sean Mears

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Buffalo's organic pizza business plan 1

Owner's Capital is €20,000 (Shared by two owners €10,000 each)
Adding up the equipment costs, renting of the location of the office, loans and VAT and the Owners' Capital

Financial Plan
Financial needs
Sales Forecast
Commercial Property in Mdina Road, Qormi
88sqm // 50x21ft + 45x21ft
€250 per month

Situated in a commercial area in the center of the Island. More accessible for clients. Enough space for all company's needs as shop, store, office and headquarters.

Cash Flow
Net Profit/Loss after Tax - €1,382
Balance sheet
Equipmedia will cost €62,749 by the end of the year.
Managing finances of the Equipmedia company:
Start-up Capital
Sales forecast
Cash Flow
Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet
Office Supplies
Location Plan

Buffalo's organic pizzeria
Founded in 2014

We provide healthier, and fresher food to our customers and a reasonable price

Market Analysis
Marketing Strategy
The Management Team
Homogeneity - common needs within segment
Distinction - unique from the other groups
Reaction - similar response to market
Vision Statement
Target Market Segment Strategy
Segment Size & growth
Segment Structural attractiveness
Company Objective & resources
Industry Analysis
Marketing Budget
Distribution & Promotional Plans
Sean Mears- Grade 11- Kenmore West High School
Daniel Caudill- White- Grade 11- Kenmore West High School.
Both have taken many business classes classes at Kenmore West.

Equipmedia LTD
Service- students & other media enthusiasts
Unique service
Production House Services
Targets different categories of consumers:
- Studio 7
- Nexos
-Media Enthusiasts
To reach €137,323 sales by the end of 2014
Increase sales by 35% in 2015
Record a profit of €2,127 for the first year of operation
Allocate €1,320 towards the marketing budget to reach the set Company’s goals
70d Dslr camera
50mm lenses
Zoom lenses
Red heads
boom mics
Audio recording equipment

SD cards

Pricing Strategy
Package A:
EOS 70D Canon camera + lens, Tripod and Red Head lights Rental.
Price € 50 per day
An extra charge of €10 if ordering boom mic including cables or pocket recorder.
A discount of 25% will be given to Media Students.
Package B:
Audio equipment Rental (Boom Mic / Lapelle Microphone and pocket recorder)
Price €15 per day
Package C:
Selling of SD Cards, batteries and filters.

Package D :
Audio recording + mixing

Package E:

Package F:
Filming of Events

Social Networking
The possibility of Booking equipment online
Promotional Plans
Price packs
The Vision is for the company is to serve our product around the world.
Mission Statement
The Mission is to be able to bring people together to provide convenience, comfort, and good quality food, at a low price.
Market Segmentation
Copyright of Artistic Work
Newspaper: €400
Social Networks: €720
Total: €1,220
Business cards
Renting Equipment
Accessories to Sell
The Problem

People are eating food that is not good for them, and they have no other options, because one has not been created yet.

Non- Organic food has growth hormones, and chemical pesticides in it, which has been proven to to severe damage to the human body.

Consumers want a pizzeria who will provide organic, and fresh food, and ingredients.

The Solution

One of the first companies in the pizza business to put our focus
on providing organic products.
Reasonable Prices

First company to make students their priority

Collaboration with students and schools
by offering work experience

Being a production team

EU and State funding

Participating in international
exhibitions and competition

• Damage to equipment could run to high cost

New on the market with no clientele

• Threat of new entrants

• Rapid changes in technology

Creative Commons

Non-profit organization

Enables the sharing and use of projects through free legal tools.

Provides a simple, standardized way to give the public permission to use your creative work — on conditions of your choice.

“All rights reserved” to “some rights reserved.”

Package A: €36,172
Package B: €8,602
Package C: €57,254
Package D: €8,732
Package E: €21,840
Package F: €13,723
Profit & Loss Accounts
By the end of 2014, the total expenses of the company are estimated to add up to €147,323
Bank balance at the end of the year is of €17,172
Thank You
The total amount of money for the company will be €45,000.
Asking for investment of €25,000
Promote on Social Media Platforms
Company Launch Event & Media Coverage
Flyers distributed at schools and Production houses
Coupons on The Sunday Times
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