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Imperial Blue Presentation Improved


Arshad Alam

on 21 July 2017

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Transcript of Imperial Blue Presentation Improved

Principal Lending and

Imperial Blue Debt Advisory
The Imperial Service

Building credit papers and presentations.

Full appraisal & scenario modeling.

Executing an entire market fund raise via pension funds/banks/hedge funds and family offices.

Analysis of potential financial structures.

Presenting the results and recommendations to you as clearly and quickly as possible.

Full handling of the execution of the loan, including negotiating & contracts.
Our Key USP
Lending and Investing
We have our own funding lines for,
Equity & Joint Ventures

Debt Advisory
We also utilise our historic, constantly evolving, global portfolio of funds and investors

Are we not conflicted by doing both?
We maintain the highest levels of due diligence, service & presentation when doing debt advisory given our parallel role as Lenders and Investors. One of our JV partners is a team formerly with Blackstone.

Each funding proposal is tailored to each project and client - no two sets of terms are the same.
Bespoke solutions
Clients see us as an extension of their team so that they can get on with what they do best - finding and developing sites!

Finance is more than simply choosing a rate. It is about negotiating conditions of the loan, personal guarantees, contracts and so on; we handle the entire process.

As we also invest and lend we understand the process better than anyone.

from 2.5% on senior
from 5.99% on bridging
from 12% on mezzanine finance

Our rates
We make your life easier

COST; Our sole aim is to provide the cheapest rates from
across the entire market whether from ourselves, a family office, investor or fund.

LONG TERM; We are looking for clients and partners not one off deals.

OPTIONS; We always provide a full range of rates and funding structures from the entire market & what we can lend ourselves so clients always have the choice.

CONFIDENCE; This leaves developers & their investors safe in the knowledge they have the optimum funding package.
Underwritten over £2 billion worth of project funding requirements and completed over £250 million in funding.
Market Research
Market Research; we asked 10 clients to test a scheme with 5 leading brokerages in London; we beat every one of them on their rates.

EXAMPLE - Victoria Street:
Six month fund raise.
Direct competition with all the other leading brokerages and the developers own banking contacts.
£100 million.

Who are we?

Over time we completed a number of Joint Ventures with key patners and investors meaning we now have funding lines to cover:
When we started in 2011, our role was to act as a conduit between hedge funds and family offices looking to deploy capital
to developers struggling
to find funds.

A Debt Structuring, Principle Lending and Investment platform covering the entire finance stack in the residential and student sectors. We are here . . .
We are located here
Solely backed by HNW investors
Equity and Joint Ventures

Track Record

Senior £3.5m
Equity £550k
Senior Debt
Senior Debt
Senior Debt +
Senior Debt
Luxury Townhouse
26 Townhouses, London
68 FLats, Slough
Luxury Townhouse, London
80 Starter homes, Norwich
Factory, pre-development
Student scheme, Hull
100% JVE
Ashford Kent
Senior Debt
57 Luxury Flats
Min Loan size:
£2 million
Max Loan size:
£100 million
Rates: Typically
from 8% depending
on leverage
Fees: 2% in, 2%
out, both of facility
not GDV
Loan term:
Up to 36 months
Max LTC: 90%
Max Loan to GDV:
up to 70% gross
Drawdown: in arrears,
certified by a monitoring surveyor
Senior Debt
Senior Debt

Flat rate of 0.75% of facility
Always ensure we
are the cheapest on fees
Happy to fix fees on larger
deals on a case by case basis

Imperial Blue Finance
37 Upper Brook Street,
Mayfair, London
Green Park
Hyde Park
Transparent Financial
Multiple scenario modeling
to give you choice
Deal Structures made clear
and easy
Clear deal structures
Clear and easy to understand cash flows
We are located here

Min Loan size: £2 million
Max Loan size: £100 million
Rates: Typically from 8% depending on leverage
Fees: 2% in, 2% out, both of facility not GDV
Loan term: up to 36 months
Max LTC: 90% based on red book valuation
Max Loan to GDV: up to 70% gross
Drawdowns: in arrears, certified by monitoring surveyor
Up to 75% LTV on resi from 9%
Up to 65% on commercial/land
Non-status, offshore structures
Min Loan size: £100k
Max Loan size: £10 million (potential for larger)
Loan term: up to 36 months
90-95% of the equity required
We can either fix the cost of capital (typically 30%) or structure as a profit share
Residential & Student
Min loan size: £100k
Max Loan size: £10 million
Rates: Typically from 15% depending on leveraging
Fees: 1.5% in, 1.5% out, both of facility not GDV
Loan term: Up to 36 months
Max LTC: 90%
Max Loan to GDV: Up to 75% gross
Given that you already know so many lenders why use us?

Service comes first, if we don't perform you won't use us again.

We can provide options from the entire market and ourselves,

We look for clients and partners, not one off deals.

We are a genuine
one stop shop.

Very few have access to the private funds and investors that we do.
We have active dialogue with over 150 HNW individuals, Family Offices, Funds and Investors.
Principal Lending and

Principal Lending and

Principal Lending and Investment

Comparison Tables, Charts & Presentations
Client Submits Full Pack to Data Room
IB Commence Credit Paper and Fund Raise
IB Presents Full Proposal of Options to Client
Terms Agreed and Signed
Valuation QS and Legals
Principal lenders + entire market = most competitive funding package for developers & investors.

Products cover the entire stack.

No advisory firms can compete with our standards of due diligence, service and presentation given our parallel role as Lenders and Investors.
You will save money with us.

Savings in terms of finance costs, time spent and expertise leveraged will negate the impact of our fees.

By leveraging properly, capital can be deployed across more schemes = more profit


Equity & Joint Venture
Principle Investment
utilise our historic, and constantly evolving, global portfolio of funds and investors.
Debt Advisory

We are therefore uniquely placed in the market:
The most competitive funding package.
(provide) Finance products from across the entire funding spectrum.
MOST IMPORTANTLY; you get everything you need under one roof.
No more running around, no more last minute issues, no more variables, no more hassle.
One Stop Shop

The Imperial Service

Build credit papers and presentations lenders & investors.
Handle all appraisals & modeling structures.
Execute an entire market fund raise.
Provide analysis of potential financial structures.
Managing the entire finance process from inception to closing and beyond - be as involved as you wish to be.
We have just been added to the SPEARS 500 as one of the top finance providers, considered the 'bible of the banking fraternity'.
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