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Women In Combat

English 100/804

Elva Ramirez

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Women In Combat

Women In

Combat Leigh Ann Hester First female soldier to receive
the silver star for direct participation
in combat. Nichola Goddard The first female Canadian
combat soldier killed in combat in Canadian operations in Afghanistan
May 17, 2006 Private Lowry Deborah Sampson She served in the Revolutionary War as a Continental
Army soldier named"Robert Shurtlieff of Uxbridge, Massachusetts" Sarah Rosetta Wakeman
She served as a Civil War
Union Soldier under the name
of “Lyons Wakeman” Annie Oakley July 1944. A sharpshooter in the
War of 1812 The Women's Army Corps formed 1942 Group photograph of the first
twenty Navy Nurses, appointed in 1908. Many Women volunteer every year to serve in the armed forces to protect their country, they should be allowed to serve directly in combat if that is how they choose, and should not be restricted to only certain jobs. USMC Female Engagement Team
(FET) patrolling in Afghanistan, 2010. From 2005, the first all female C-130
Hercules crew to serve a combat mission
for the U.S. Air Force. Jessica Lynch after being rescued in 2003 The firstwoman to command a
Royal Australian Air Force
flying squadron, training in a
USAF C-17 Globemaster III Israeli military police women (2007) Members of Lotta Svärd in air control duty during the Continuation War 1941-1944 Red Guard during the Finnish
Civil War 1914–1918 Polish female volunteers during the Polish-Soviet War 1919-1921 1st Petrograd Women's Battalion (1918) Recognised as the most-decorated female combatant in the entire history of warfare. WWI Milunka Savic Sabiha Gökçen The first female combat pilot in the world and the first Turkish aviatrix Marina Mikhailovna Raskova Russian pilot/navigator
WWII Loretta Perfectus Walsh The first American active-duty Navy woman and the first woman to serve in any of the United States armed forces other than as a nurse. 1917. 1st WWI Marine
Reserve (F) "Marinette" Opha Mae Johnson Wing Commander Linda Corbould Lydia Litvyak All-female 586th Fighter Regiment of
the Air Defense Force, WWII Katya Budanova WWII, one of two female
fighter Aces 5. Women make up approximately 14%
of the United States Armed Forces. Around the world women also make a certain percentage of their country military, women have always been great support for man in many wars. It’s time to feminize the front lines.
Because women have the same patriotism
as men and have proven themselves capable of doing great things. 4.Women have and will be sacrificing
their lives for their country, just like men. Disregarding any restrictions. Lyudmila Pavlichenko
Roza Yegorovna Shanina Tatyana Nikolaevna Baramzina 3. Most of the women fought to
defend their homes, any means
necessary. They served as nurses,
pilots who flew in combat missions, drivers, guners, snipers, communicators,
and many more roles. Raskova helped form 3 aviation regiments,
2 of them were mixed male and female, and
one was an all female regiment. The all
female regiment was nick named THE NIGHT
WITCHES because they mainly attacked at
night. The White Rose of Stalingrad Women have participated
in many wars WWI, WWII,
Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. 1. Women are only allowed to
participate in minor roles. Soviet women who
served during the wars began as drivers, nurses, or other minor roles. They were also trained to use a gun
for protection or battle,
As a result this meant
double duty for women. 2. It is argued that women are not physically or mentally strong to be in combat. Also, that it would be disturbing to bring back from the war zone women in body bags. 2 female fighter Aces Women have been captured, injured and killed
in combat, and they have also received
recognition for helping and saving lives
in combat. Women's Death Battalion 2nd women's death battalion Maria Bochkareva She was wounded twice and decorated three times for bravery, she also formed the 1st
all women battalion. Since before the first World War millions of women
fought in wars, not just in support roles but also
in combat roles. Many volunteered and risked their
lives to protect their country. It has been argued that women are not physically or mentally
strong to be in active combat. Also, that a woman serving in
direct combat will hamper mission effectiveness by hurting
unit morale and cohesion. Despite these arguments, women all over the
world have fought, and will keep fighting for
their countries. Leaving all types of restrictions to the side,
women have continued to persevere to fight
in direct combat.
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