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Atomic Energy Presentation

A quick presentation for 6th graders on the basis of atomic energy

Andrew Gahan

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Atomic Energy Presentation

Atomic Energy and how everything was made.
Breaking large atoms into smaller bits and getting LOTS(!!) of energy.

More than
just scary
Everything is made up of

Matter Is composed of Elements

The Periodic Table
An atom has 3 parts

Elements are made of atoms
Protons are large, sit in the core, or nucleus, and have a + charge.
Neutrons are large, sit in the nucleus, and
have no charge
Electrons are small, orbit the nucleus,
and have a - charge
Chemists really
like this thing
There is a force that holds atoms together.
Its strength determines how large an atom can be before it wants to break apart.
Notice how it peaks at iron.
This is where a star starts to die.
Combining light elements into heavy ones
The power of the sun!!
Manmade Fusion
Manmade fusion
Inertial Confinement
AKA Fun with Lasers
Magnetic confinement.
AKA The Really Hot Plasma Kind
How it works
The chain reaction
Because each fission gives off neutrons any fission can start another fission
How we make power from splitting atoms
Everything that exists came from stars
In the early universe there was only Hydrogen.

The Glow of a reactor
Called Cherenkov Radiation, it happens because electrons coming out of the core are moving faster than the speed of light in water.
Alpha Particles
A Helium nucleus gets ejected from the original atom
A neutron spits out an electron and becomes a proton
Radio Waves
Visible Light
Gamma rays
What Can Stop
the Dreaded
Mostly happens with large atoms
It is only because of the fusion happening inside of stars that we have any element heavier than Hydrogen.
These elements are grouped by the way they interact with each other in a table
Did we mention a LOT of Energy??
Fun fact: if the gasoline bar were as thick as a DVD
case, the paper stack
for uranium would
need to be 9.2 miles
Matter can be in one of 4 basic states
A Plasma is like a gas except so hot that the electrons are stripped from the atoms.

I haz
Basic facts about matter
Remember these three for Later
The sun makes with the fusion because it's really big and heavy
We can't just make a star in the lab so we have to come up with another way
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