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Front TV Slideshow!!!

No description

Lew Estabrook

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Front TV Slideshow!!!

Welcome to
Chiropractic Center

Meet our
Doctors of Chiropractic
Meet our
Massage Practitioners
Lew Estabrook, DC, Member
Cynthia Larson, LMP
Cynthia has been practicing massage therapy for over 18 years. She started with NWCC in 2003. Cynthia relies heavily on that experience to "read" each patient to give them the perfect massage. She knows how much pressure to use and just when to use it.
She specializes in deep tissue, motor vehicle & sports injuries and intraoral endorsed.
Sandra Whiley, LMP
Sandra joined Northwest Chiropractic in Spring of 2012. She has served in the Pacific Northwest since 2001. Her techniques are best described as therapeutic, gentle, deep, thorough and long-lasting.

"Health and well-being is not a gift, it is achieved by the individual."
Jennifer Wassler, LMP
Bellarmine Prep High in Tacoma, WA
Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer Chiropractic College, Summa Cum Laude, 1984
Certification of Rehabilitation
Certification in Graston Technique
Doctor of Chiropractic, Northwestern Chiropractic College, 2001
Certification of Rehabilitation
Certification in Graston Technique
Tim Clanton, DC
Dr. Clanton enjoys treating patients from all walks of life. He regularly treats athletes at the UW but more sensitive patients appreciate his gentle touch as well.
He uses a variety of techniques including manipulation and muscular/soft tissue work to achieve the best results.
Caedin Pettigrew, DC
Bachelors of Science, Ecology, University
of Manitoba, 1996 Honors
Doctor of Chiropractic, Northwestern
Chiropractic College, Magna Cum Laude, 2001
Masters of Science in Nutrition, Bastyr
University, 2005
Certification in Rehabilitation
Webster Technique Certified
Caedin Pettigrew, DC
Dr. Pettigrew takes a holistic approach to healthcare. She places an emphasis on women's health and pediatrics. In addition to chiropractic care, her unique style includes nutrition, pregnancy and infants.
Jason Gilmore, DC
Royal Roads Military College 1989-1990
Bachelors of Science, Zoology, Brandon University, 1994
Doctor of Chiropractic, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, 2001
Jason Gilmore, DC
Dr. Gilmore joined NWCC in the Spring of 2012. He has been in practice for over 10 years. He graduated from the same class as both Dr. Clanton and Dr. Pettigrew in 2001.
Dr. Gilmore enjoys helping patients achieve their individual health goals and needs through chiropractic care, regardless of age. Outside of the clinic, he is currently treating the Western Hockey League (WHL) Everett Silvertips!

Patient Testimonials
Dr. Lew Estabrook has been providing excellent and caring care to myself and my family since 1989. I find that the quality of his care and the personal care that he gives each of his patients cannot be overstated. His commitment to the health and well-being of his patients and his professional skill is at the top of the scale! Thank you!
-Joel H.

I am so glad I found Dr. Clanton at Northwest Chiropractic! I am a senior citizen and he has helped me immensely with my back problems. I highly recommend him to my family, friends, neighbors, and everyone!
-Shirley S.

Thank you Dr. Clanton for all your help! Tom's back is feeling great and he has nothing but praise for how quickly you took care of his problem. No more pain pills and it only took three appointments.
-Cathy W.
Dr. Lew Estabrook
Tim Clanton, DC
Dr. Tim Clanton
Dr. Caedin Pettigrew
Cynthia Larson, LMP
Sandra Whiley, LMP
Jen has a strong background in injury treatment and medical massage. She utilizes a variety of techniques to carefully and sensitively meet the diverse, individual needs and concerns of her clients.
Jen suggests to her clients to start their own stretching practice, or yoga as aftercare to not only supplement their massage, but to also prolong the benefits of the massage and to support healthy living as well.

Jennifer Wassler, LMP
Dr. Estabrook is currently the team Chiropractor for the Seattle Sounders FC. Dr. Estabrook along with Dr. Clanton provide weekly chiropractic care to the athletes at the University of Washington.
Lew Estabrook, DC

Lew Estabrook is a magician. I had back pains for many years, but otherwise in good shape and exercised regularly. I faithfully went to physical therapy for a year and did my daily back exercises as prescribed, but still the back pain continued. Finally I met Dr. E and in one adjustment I was pain free.
My entire family also sees Dr. Estabrook and each has a different issue. We think he is the best chiropractor!
- Jan W.
I have practiced dental hygiene for
32 years. I was suffering from chronic neck pain, after trying acupuncture and massage, I still had pain and immobility. Dr. Estabrook identified the problem, and after the 2nd visit, I was experiencing relief that I never had.
Dr. E has the confidence and knowledge that you want in a healthcare professional. The girls at the front desk are great too!
- Carleen D.
Dr. Jason Gilmore

When I first came in it felt like I had a knife stuck in my shoulder 24/7. After two visits I realized there were times throughout the day I had no pain. As time and a few more visits have passed, it is amazing how much my shoulder has improved. I still can not lift anything heavy without pain, but have no doubt that I will soon. I can now sleep without sleeping aids as well! Everyone here has been so wonderful to me, I am telling all my friends!
- Michelle P. (Patient of Dr. Pettigrew)
After a bad car accident I was sent to see Dr. Gilmore, I had exhausted the physical therapy and massage therapy options. After 12 appointments with Dr. G pressure all along my spine drastically decreased. Constant discomfort I experienced before treatment also drastically decreased. This comes from the only change in my treatment during this time. Adding chiropractic therapy with Dr. G, a one time chiropractic skeptic, I will continue periodic treatment well beyond my treatment settlement.
-Nick Age 30
Jason is a knowledgeable chiropractor who takes time with his clients to understand and evaluate what treatment is more appropriate. His professionalism and positive nature combined with genuine concern for his patients health, are the reasons I have continues to be a patron of the establishments he has worked at.
11821 NE 128th St Ste. B
Kirkland, WA 98034
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