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Jatinder Singh Chadha

No description

Jaskaran Chadha

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Jatinder Singh Chadha

Jatinder Singh Chadha
Jatinder and his son's experience
The similar thing about Jatinder and his son was that everything they achieved was by hard work and honesty. Also, both Jatinder and his son grew up in a middle class family. Other than that, Jatinder and his son's life was very different growing up.
Why did Jatinder come to Canada
Jatinder came to Canada to give his children better education and better opportunity's. Jatinder came to arrangements Canada before his family to make . Jatinder lived in a basement for 4 years. Than, he moved to his first house on April 13, 2005. He lived there for 8 years until he moved on March 1, 2013. He is currently living in his new home as a engineer/realtor.
Jatinder's religion and cluture
Jatinder's culture includes many diffrent things. His religion is Sikhism and his culture is Punjabi. You can be Hindu, Gujarati,Sikh and still be Punjabi. Some people are too judgemental and have different prospective. For example, people think that Sikhs, or refereed as "brown people" are cheap because they saw only 1 person. However, Sikhs are very generous and offer free food, help people in need, are honest, are pure of heart, respectful to all people and religions, etc. Sikhs also celebrate many holidays like, Diwali, Holi, Vasakhi, Lohari, Rakhi, etc. There is a reason to celebrate these festivals. For example, Sikhs celebrate Diwali because their guru ( a messenger of god) freed 52 kings from jail.
About Jatinder
Jatinder was born in the city of Patiala located in Punjab, India. He was born on March 9, 1996. He grew up with 5 siblings and 2 parents. His life was struggling because only 1 person earned money for the family. He lived in a small house with 2 small rooms, a kitchen and had to share with his siblings. Jatinder loved to study and gave great speeches. In fact, sometimes, Jatinder got rewards for his talent. To help his family , Jatinder gave tuitions and got a full time job when he was 18. later on, Jatinder did engineering and got a degree in mechanical engineering. Jatinder's goal was to go to Canada for a better life and to give his kids a better education. Jatinder had many hobbies like, dancing, singing, studying, motorcycle racing, weightlifting, etc. Jatinder often did extreme sports and was a motorcyclist. He was the best in his city and had won many races. Another extreme thing jatinder did was weightlifting. Jatinder was a national lever weightlifter and had insane records. For example, his record for a snatch was 180 pounds and he could do a 240 pound clean & jerk. In 1991, Jatinder unfortunately had a motorcycle accident and fell off a mountain. To find help, Jatinder had to climb 100 feet with a broken foot. When Jatinder woke up in the hospital, he found out that he had to get 85 stitches and a new ankle. He had to stay in bed for 1 and a half years and when he got out, he couldn't weight lift and quit. After quitting, Jatinder started swimming and was the best in his university. In 1996, Jatinder had his first son who happens to be the author's brother. when his first son was 5, Jatinder had his other son who was born on May 18, 2001. Jatinder came to canada in 2002 and got a job as a engineer.
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