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Evacuation plan for educational institutions.

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Francisco morga

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Evacuation plan for educational institutions.

It is called Evacuation Plan to all procedures and actions that allow quick and safe exit of people threatened by danger, protecting their lives and physical integrity.
The Evacuation Plan should be basic, flexible, known by everyone and exercised. It must be written.

Teachers and non-teaching staff should know the evacuation plan, assigned roles and be trained in fire prevention.

Basic Principles.
Organization Evacuation.
1.- Head of Emergency.
2.-. Head of Floor.
3.- Teachers.
5.- . Responsible for opening and closing the outer doors of the building.
6.- Responsible for the disabled.
7.-Responsible for raising the alarm.
8.-Responsible for off-site.
Role Brigade Evacuation.
Evacuation plan for educational institutions.
A.- Exits.
B.-Meeting point.
C.-Evacuation order.
D.- Realization of periodic drills.
To ensure an organized response during the emergency, fine certain school personnel duties may be assigned. I must be written with names who will take each of the spots and must contain, in addition, the responsibility and role of each of these people. Finally, determine the name of a substitute for each role.
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