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The Silver Strike of Holy Cow of No Mercy of Death Camps

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Katlyn Hoener

on 10 January 2011

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Transcript of The Silver Strike of Holy Cow of No Mercy of Death Camps

Clean beds, good food, and no gas in the showers 6 million were Jews that died burned and placed into piles jews, gypsies, anti nazi communists, prisoners of war, homosexuals, criminals, and nomadic children lured in by false advertidements about how wonderful the camps are, most went because they had no choice, if the jews wondered of they would be shot Genetic Experiements executed family members in front of their families and children people were forced to ride on trains for days
in terrible conditions with no food gased, frozen, and burned dreadful living conditions different conditions in every camp dampness, leaky roofs fouling of straw and straw mattresses by prisoners suffering from diarrhea 11 million died total
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