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about storytelling

Yeji Kim

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Storytelling

storytelling.. Contents Presenters Yeji Kim Seungmin Lee hello nice to meet you Intro ? Specifications Rank first in Search engine
2011 fourth quarter sales revenue : $10.58B
Operating profit : $3.5B
Android: 250million sold
Profits from advertisement : $5B What do you THINK about Google ? Intro What do you NOW THINK about Google ? -what is stroytelling?
-What makes a Good story
-How to make a story Storytelling What is "Storytelling" ? Story telling + a narrative account of
a real or imagined event or events. person-to-person oral and
physical presentation of
a story to an audience to prepare and present the necessary language, vocalization, and physicality
to effectively and efficiently communicate
the images of a story The teller The listener to actively create the vivid, multi-sensory images, actions, characters, and events of the story
in their mind based on the performance by the teller, and on their past experiences, beliefs, and understandings. the audience develops specific visual imagery and detail to complete and co-create the story. Storytelling is
an interactive performance art form Storytelling What makes a Good story Characters that are going through Change
Become a hero
Resolution ? How to MAKE a Story Storytelling ? Main Character Enemy 깨달음 Kill Enlightenment Passion He starts to develop weapons.. Change to Hero 깨달음 신상품 개발곡선 충족되지 않은 욕구 Transition Point time Specification Story Consumer
Commodity Source : Norman(1998),
“The Invisible Computer” High Tech new product development performance
of products Application Why story is important in marketing Expedia, “Find Yours Anthem” 1 2 3 Intro -Why story is important in marketing
-3 examples storytelling? Application Character's Uncle T T ( Application Application Application Facebook Page Twitter Page True stories move people The Expedia conducted an online campaign, People posted stories about their trips on communities – twitter, facebook, pinterest
The advertising was consisted of stories “Find Yours Anthem” http://youtu.be/5YAchE0-o-o 2. Positive images 1. A contribution to society The launching of “Braille menus” A description of burger was transcribed into braille
Offered the sight of the burger more than just taste Wimpy Braille Burger Nami Island in Korea as the place where a Korean soap opera, Emotional identification with
the play's heroine The best practice Apple Strong Character
Characters that are going through Change
Conflict and Resolution
the hook
Good Stories pose questions and offer answers
Good Stories touch the Universe With great power
comes great responsibility.. Nami Island "Winter Sonata" was filmed Move people's emotion STORY and make them sympathize through the with the message in it Thank you Resolution Storytelling.. About Conflict -typical structure of a Story =
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