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Richards softball pitching

No description

richard taylor

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Richards softball pitching

softball pitching Your job is to try and beat the batter with your pitch With lots of practice you can play for your country like Heinie Shannon of New Zealand The catcher gives the pitcher signals to determine what kind of pitch to deliver to each batter. The pitcher and catcher have a wide range of pitches that they use to beat the bat to get a strike out. Some of the top men pitchers can pitch the ball up to speeds of 120-135km.
They can also move the ball up,down and sideways, making it very hard to hit the ball. Here is some of the equipment you will need to play softball and help you pitch. Glove, ball,and cleats There are lots of drills you can do to help with pitching. Here are some photos of drills that you could try. K POSITION
You stand side on facing your catcher pointing your front arm to the catcher. Swing your pitching arm with the ball to the catcher letting the ball go. THE CRANE (Stepping dill)
Stand on one leg with the other raised and step towards the catcher. SNAPS
Stand front on to your catcher with your pitching arm beside you flick your hand and let the ball go to the catcher. Softball is a fun game .Pitching is one of the main parts of the game.Pitching can be hard but also can be fun LET'S PLAY BALL
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