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Protected No Long, More Than Gray Wolves Killed This Season

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Brianna Burke

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Protected No Long, More Than Gray Wolves Killed This Season

Wolves can be scary sometimes. You may hear or watch about how dangerous they are. I'm not going to lie. They are if you bother them.
But they can be cute, if you look closely. They're not that dangerous. If we can try to understand them. It's too late though because of hunting.
We all know "
Red Little Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf
". Sometimes we need to be careful of what we create. Like the movies and books we create. Because some people may think it's real. They could do something that will be unforgettable.
Werewolves aren't real. It's just made up to scare people. That just boost people's fear. Some think they're real. But they are
We are some what like wolves. You may think you aren't. But we are.
because people kill and hunt wolves out of fear.
Protected No Longer, More Than 550 Gray Wolves Killed This Season By Hunters And Trappers

By: Brianna Burke
COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

Any question?
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