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Florida Everglades

The great wetlands of Florida. A school project on ecosystems.

S Van Alsburg

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades The Sun The source of all life starts with the sun. cypress tree Plants need the sun so they can produce their own food. Animals need the Sun to keep the world bright and so the producers can make their food and the animals can eat theirs. Producers Producers are plants that make their own food. There are a few different kind of producers in the Florida Everglades.

Some producers are:
cypress trees
water lily - these only open at night
mangroves - red, white, and black
strangler fig
spanish moss Cypress Tree Spanish Moss The great everglades of Florida. Some herbivores in the Florida Everglades are.... Manatees Carnivores Carnivores are meat eating animals. They eat other animals. Some carnivores in the Florida Everglades are... alligators anhinga (a type of bird) florida panther osprey ( also a type of bird crocodile And so much more. Alligators Osprey Hebivores Herbivores are plant eating animals.
Some herbivores in the Florida Everglades are:
key deer
adult green sea turtle
gopher tortoise
And so much more
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