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Teen Suicide.

No description

Olivia Huntley

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Teen Suicide.

Teen Suicide. The Facts-- The History-- Modern Day-- Romeo and Juliet-- -Modern day
-Class discussion
Katelyn. -Facts
Madison. -prezi
Olivia. -History
-Class discussion
Gage. Twloha "To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also invest directly into treatment and recovery."
-TWLOHA's vision.
http://www.twloha.com/vision/ In the last several decades, the suicide rate for young people have increased dramatically. In 1996, suicide was the 3rd leading killer for people between the ages of 15-24.
4th leading killer for people between the ages of 10-14. Example-- [This part of the presentation in no way reflects the beliefs or opinions of the group besides Gage :) ] An example from a fine piece of literature would be New Moon by Stephanie Meyer, when Edward decided he was going to try and kill himself. Suicide exists in present day society :'( Teens that resort to committing suicide have a mental disorder 90% of the time Technology increases the risk of suicide and can assist in suicide because teens are more likely to be victims or instigators of cyber-bullying These days, thoughts of suicide can be dealt with much better than say 500 years ago because we have psychologists, hospitals, and special centers for people who have attempted suicide. People have improved their communication leading to less depression and suicidal thoughts. Ethan felt like there was no point going on with life. Things had been tough since his mom died. His dad was working two jobs and seemed frazzled and angry most of the time. Whenever he and Ethan talked, it usually ended in yelling. Ethan had just found out he'd failed a math test, and he was afraid of how mad and disappointed his dad would be. In the past, he always talked things over with his girlfriend — the only person who seemed to understand. But they'd broken up the week before, and now Ethan felt he had nowhere to turn. Ethan knew where his dad kept his guns. But as he was unlocking the cabinet, he heard his kid sister arriving home from school. He didn't want Grace to be the person to find him, so he put the gun back and went to watch TV with her instead. Later, when he realized how close he'd come to ending his life, Ethan was terrified. He summoned the courage to talk to his dad. After a long conversation, he realized how much his dad cared. All he could think of was how he'd almost thrown it all away. Almost everyone experiences anxiety, sadness, and despair in their life. They are normal reactions to pain of loss, rejection, or disappointment. But... Girls vs. Guys

Girls attempt suicide more often than guys but guys are 4 times more likely to succeed when they try to kill themselves because guys use more deadly methods (such as guns or hanging) Nearly 60% of all completed suicides are committed with a gun. 1996 •more teenagers and young adults died from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, flu, and chronic lung disease combined. •suicide was the second-leading cause of death among college students, the third-leading cause of death among people ages 15-24, and the fourth-leading cause of death among those 10-14. •from 1980 – 1996, the rate of suicide among African- American males ages 15 – 19 years increased by 105% Suicide attempts are highest in middle teens but by about 17 or 18, the rate of suicides drop. This is most likely because 17- and 18-year-olds have learned to tolerate moods and have developed coping skills. Talking about suicide or death in general
talking about "going away"
referring to things they "won't be needing," and giving away possessions
talking about feeling guilty or feeling hopeless
pulling away from friends or family and losing the desire to go out
having no desire to take part in favorite things or activities
having trouble concentrating or thinking clearly
experiencing changes in eating or sleeping habits
engaging in self-destructive behavior (drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or cutting, for example) Warning Signs... Reasons -being able to escape feelings of rejection, hurt, or loss
-anger or guilt
-being ashamed of something or themselves
-worry of disappointing friends and/or family
-feeling unwanted, unloved, victimized, or that --they are a burden to others
-breaking up with girlfriend/boyfriend
-witnessing family turmoil
or failure (such as a big exam) There is hope! In the past ten years, teen suicide rates have been declining.
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, scientific evidence has shown that almost all people who take their own lives have a diagnosable mental or substance abuse disorder, and the majority have more than one disorder. In other words, the feelings that often lead to suicide are highly treatable. -Modern day
Savana. One of the most common misconceptions about talking to someone who might be thinking about suicide is bringing up the subject might make it worse, but that is NOT true. By bringing up the question and talking about it, without showing shock or disapproval, shows the person that you take them seriously.

Most suicidal people don’t want to die; they want the pain to stop. (Talking is a great choice!!! :D)
Discussion... 1. Why do you think teens commit suicide? 2. How can teen suicide be prevented? 3. How do you think teen suicide plays a major role in Romeo & Juliet? 4. What could Romeo & Juliet done instead of killing themselves? Cyber-bullying • A big factor of teen suicide is the growing of cyber bullying
• For example there is an honesty box on Facebook where people can write things that could be rude or demeaning, anonymously
• The hurtful things that people can now say to others through texting, e-mail, Formspring, or even the honesty box on facebook have shown to lead to teen suicide Parents: Cyber Bullying Led to Teen's Suicide...
Megan Meier's Parents Now Want Measures to Protect Children Online Summary
A mother of 13 year old Megan’s friend crated a fake profile to find out what Megan said about her daughter. She pretended to be a cute boy and Megan soon began to trust the boy. After a few months the compliments turned into insults and harassment. She already suffered from low self esteem and took medication but this pushed her over the edge leading to a suicide. Discrimination
• Another subject that has a large affect on Teen suicide is Descrimination
• When there is a difference in people for example Race, Religion, Sexuality ect. People tend to discriminate or ostracize against them
• Sometimes the discrimination can be taken so far that it leads to suicides because the people are hurting emotionally • 19-year-old Aiyisha Hassan, a lesbian who had been a student at Howard College before taking her own life
• 14-year-old student at Terra Linda High
• suicide of an eighth-grade student at Miller Creek Middle School in San Rafael
• Chloe Lacey a transgender teen took her own life
“Gay teens are one of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society, facing the pressure and dangers of gay bashing’ and other forms of homophobic bullying. There is a threefold likelihood of lesbian or gay teens being bullied than other youth.The incidence of suicide among gay teens is around three times that of their heterosexual counterparts though sexuality and gender issues are not in themselves, seen as a risk factor for suicide. However, the feelings of isolation and of being different can drive many to suicidal behaviour.” In Romeo and Juliet both the main characters, Romeo and Juliet, commit suicide. This is an example of teen suicide. Teen suicide was around back then, and it is still around today. Today there are many more suicides than there were back in that time period. Sadly, modern day teens, Romeo, and Juliet were unaware of the beauties of life and they ended their lives at a very early age. Sometimes it is important to stop and think about the consequences of their decisions.
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