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Research Question

No description

Zaria Williams

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Research Question

How to Self-Inflate Balloon???
The goal of my project is to demonstrate the power of gas produced when baking soda and the 3 different kinds of vinegars are used. This will allow the balloon to be blown up by the gas created.
Research Question
Using 3 different types of vinegar, determine which balloon inflates the fastest when the vinegar and baking soda come in contact by adding baking soda into eah balloon and 1 kind of vinegar per bottle.
3 Balloons
3 Bottles
3 Funnels
Two teaspoons of Baking Soda into each balloon.
Eight ounces of White, Apple Cider,and Red Wine Vinegar.

Experimental Procedure
Approximate time required to complete project

It took me an hour and a half to complete this project/experiment
1.Pour a small amount of each kind of vinegar into each bottle..
2. Using a funnel, add the baking soda into each balloon.
3.Carefully get all balloons fitted over the opening of each bottle.
4.Once the balloons are fitted snugly on the nozzles, hold up each balloon and allow the baking soda to fall into the vinegar so that you can determine which balloon inflates the fastest.
5.Observe the chemical reaction.
6.Record observations.
7. Repeat experiment 3 more times.
We think that the bottle with the white distilled vinegar will inflate faster because we believe the plain vinegar will do the job since it probably doesn't have as much substances as the other vinegars.
The purpose of our project is to teach people about the form of gas through the chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar and to see if balloons inflate at a certain rate based on what kind of vinegar you use.
My results were that the balloon self-inflated faster when using the bottle with the distilled white vinegar inside.
Based on my results, my hypothesis were correct.
If I were to do this experiment again, I would not to use the same sized balloon & different vinegars in each bottle. Instead I would add each type of vinegar into 3 different sized balloons.
Controlled/Independent Variables
Controlled Variables:
the 3 Bottles and balloons.
Independent Variables
: The kind of vinegar.
Dependent Variables:
The height of each balloon.
. http://library.think quest.org/3347.vinegar+bsoda html.
http://www.exploration.edu/science-explorer bubble bomb.com
education.com self inflating balloons.
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