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Prezi Presentations

Teacher Toolkit: Creating Dynamic Resources

Nadia Helal

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Presentations

Organising Slides
Adding Videos
Adding Images, Shapes, Diagrams
Creating Dynamic Resources using PREZI
Presentations are an integral part of any classroom. PowerPoint presentations are usually the default tool but having been around since the 1990s, they are beginning to lose their edge. The website Prezi.com has all the functions of PowerPoint without having to save any work on a USB and with more ways to make lessons more interesting & animated, no matter what the subject.

Let's start!
Material to Cover
Creating an Account
Creating a Prezi account is easy and free. One simply goes onto
=> "
Get Started
". Enter your first and last name, Email address, and a password.

Click on "
Student & Teacher licenses
" on the bottom in the middle, then click on the "
" button beside the "
Edu Enjoy
" heading. Enter your
email address in the space provided. You will need to verify the email address.

(If you don't want to use the school email, you can click on "Sign up" and choose the free "Public" option)
Choosing a Template
When you click on "
New prezi
" a list of templates will populate. They are organised under "
" and "
". The latter has many more options to choose from. Click on the template you feel best suits the intended lesson and then click on "
Use template
". You should then have a presentation in
mode that you are ready to start playing with...
Saving/Sharing Presentations
Presentations are automatically saved every few minutes but one can also click on the floppy disk "
" icon in order to save their work. Thereafter any presentation can be opened on any computer as long as there is Internet access.

From the main page one can set the "
Privacy levels
" by choosing "
", "
", "
", or "
" option. A link is provided below in order to share and/or allow others to edit each presentation.
Adding/Removing Frames
a frame click on the "
Frames & Arrows
" button on the top of the page. Select the type of frame you'd like and place it wherever you like on your presentation. You can later drag and/or change the order of slides.

a frame, click on the "
Edit Path
" button in the top left-hand corner. Then just click on the red
Creating an account
Choosing a template
Organising slides
Adding videos
Adding images, shapes, diagrams, etc.
Adding/removing frames
Saving/Sharing presentations
Additional Information/Questions
Some templates have more slides than others. By clicking on "
Edit Path
" in the top left hand corner one can always delete slides or move them around.

**One can only do this in
mode and not in
Adding a video couldn't be easier. Simply click on the "
" button on the top and select "

". You will then be prompted to add the link. Just copy and paste the link into the space provided and click "
Adding pictures usually makes a resource more visually pleasing and with Prezi this is very easy. Similar to videos, simply click on the "
" button above and select whichever addition you like.
: Type the image you want. Results from Google images.
Symbols & shapes
: Select a style and drag it onto your page.
: Choose the diagram you want and it will pop onto your page. (This adds more slides to your presentation)
You can change themes at any time and even customize it to suit your specific lesson!
You can flip text vertically!
Or even upside down!
Don't be afraid to experiment!
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