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This is Me !!!

Just a Little Bit about Me :]

Aiko Hosoya

on 15 January 2010

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Transcript of This is Me !!!

This is Me !!!

Passion !!!
(n.) The state of the mind when it is powerfully acted upon and influenced
by something external to itself; the state of any particular faculty which,
under such conditions, becomes extremely sensitive or uncontrollably excited
BUT ...
I dont feel a great "passion" for something ( or anything...)
maybe im just missing a huge part of the world and life outhere ,
a piece of something to feel passionate for.

Untill that day comes to me... im gonna say somethings that I like
too much to do and Im good at !!!
I Like to :
Cook and Bake
Be with my family and friends n_n
Im Good at ...
Cooking ...
( specially when Im stressed, it helps me out ! )

Talk (I mean like when I have to...)

What I Am Studying and why ???
Im studying Internatinal Bussines,
because i would like
to become a better person, adquiring all the possible tools
to be able to explore the world and face all the challenges in
my future life, not only in the laboral enviroment.
i like too much how the companies works, cause its not only sistematic,
you need to figure out what is happening outhere and solve it, make decisions,
organize people, create etc.
What do I Hope To Learn
Improve all the knowledges
about creation and innovation, explore better
ideas to create new bussines, find a way to develop
"green" bussines or be friendly with the enviroment,
accept other ideas, colaborate with partners, help others to
improve their skills and make things happen.
travel around the world, meet new people,
ideologies, develop my own bussines,
learn from other people, learn different things like
music, or painting.
help others if i could, be with someone i love and help
my parents in anything they could need.
Photos !!!
My Little Doggie
My daddy
( He´s a Pirate )
My mom
( she´s a rockstar too,
ha !! ok not )
Aiko Hosoya
But O_O ?!
( actually, its just the beginning )
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