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No description

Ágnes Szrnka

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of creativity

CREATIVITY "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
Albert Einstein "Creativity is just connecting things."
Steve Jobs "Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas."
Donatella Versace "Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty."
Bryant H. McGill Creativity is the opposite of routine. What do you think creativity is? How to be more creative?
Diversify your experience
Collect every idea
Review your ideas
Break the routines
See the world with a new perspective
Spend more time with other creatives Creativity=The use of imagination or original ideas. THE BLOCKS OF CREATIVITY Fear of failure Negative Attitude Following the rules Believing you are
not creative Forcing yourself Competitive advantage of the company, How is should be managed?
everybody is creative motivation, új ötletek támogatása, verseny kiírás szervezeti kultúra, kifelé versenyelőny Creativity in business life Creativity is essential for entrepreneurship
It gets new businesses started
It sustains the best companies after they have reached global scale Creativity is needed in every level of every function in an organization

The managers have to encourage the workers to be creative because most of the good ideas come from them

CQ= creativity quotient Creativity in organizational culture Creativity is competitive advantage
for a company. INNOVATION? innovation is the process by which we change the world MAKING THINGS BETTER WE THINK WE KNOW WITH CERTAINTY BREAK RULES DON'T BE AFRAID TO RISK BUT...
Why do we need the innovation? + to solve challenges of our civilization
+ to develop
+ to make world a better place
+ to make our lives easier I LIKE
APPLES As a leader:

…you’re not the sole found of ideas
+ listen
+ inspire+ ask …enhance diversity
+ diversity enhances creativity
+ various fields of expertise …enable collaboration
+ passionate teams
+ higher mission
+ right conditions …provide sufficient time, resources and conditions for exploration
+ focused team
+ protect creativity from bureaucracy
+ a leader = a shepherd
+ a leader = a gardener
+ filtering mechanisms …accept the inevitability and utility of failure

+ decrease the anxiety of failure

+ experiment constantly

+ benefit from failure? …motivate with intellectual challenge
+ be appreciative
+ engage
+ intellectual challenge vs financial benefits
+ grant independence …know when to impose control on the creative process

+ don’t impede projects at the beginning (no control)

+ don’t cause a project to stall in the middle (control) Thank you for listening Our topics Creativity


The role of the Leader
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