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Horse and Buggy vs. Cars

By: Rose Herring, Kailey Griffis, Ben didn't do anything!

Rose Herring

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Horse and Buggy vs. Cars

Horse and Buggy vs. Cars. Past to Present. Buggies take no electricity. Horse and Buggies. A two or more wheeled vehicle that carries it's own engine. Cars Buggies were a lot harder and slower than modern day cars. Differences between Horse and Buggy vs. Cars. They both help you travel. Similarities of Buggies and Cars. They refer to light, simple , 2 person carriages that take 2 or more horses. It now takes electricity or gas/ fuel, so it's easier to use. Cars are a lot faster, but take up more money because of fuel. They both are still used in modern day. ( referring to Amish.) Over the years the horse and buggy has changed tremendously. Over the Years. Now that we have cars, transportation is a LOT easier now-a-days! How NOT to drive. (Mr. Bean driving) View from Horse and Buggy.
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