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Franklin Antony

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of myProject

SHARI Commerce evolution ......in the beginning there was man What needs to be done? Customer had to visit a shop
Finds the price of each item from the salesperson
Highly dependent on quality of the salesperson BRICK and MORTAR 5 km drive 13 km drive Is this the best deal ? Is this the cheapest? Store's Owner and Customer maratech Store owner pain... Customer Reachability
Media and Marketing
Reliability and Authenticity Customer pain... Hard to find products from correct stores
Difficult to find competitive prices Is this the best deal? Can I get it cheaper there? 100 120 99 100 112 e-Commerce Store Owner Shopping Experince Customer SHARI SHARI e-Commerce Platform Integarted Shopping Experince SHARI Platform - Store Owner Integrated e-Commerce Experience
Cloud Enabled
Extensive Branding
Mass Marketing
Social Media Integration
Prediction & Analytical Reporting
Integrate with Existing e-Commerce
DED Certification
SHARI Platform - Customers One stop shop
Search across all stores
Search any merchandise
Comparative view
Offers & best deal
Comments, likes &rating
Reliable & trusted
Retailers (S,M,L)
Existing or new entrants

DED registration & renewal

Convert Dubai from Brick & Mortar to the hub of virtual stores Competitors
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