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climate change

No description

brionna schif

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of climate change

The polar bears are being
effected by the climate change. GREENHOUSE EFFECT:
Certain gases in the atmosphere
trap heat and reflect it back to earth. CLIMATE CHANGE:
Patterns of temperature , precipitation,
humidity, wind and seasons changing
There are many things that
cause climate change
one major cause is the
cars and their fossil fuels. Evidence of warming:
1. Plants and animals have evolved to suit local weather conditions.

2. Agriculture and housing have adapted to climates.

3. Global temperature only has changed slightly. The factories are letting
out co2 into the atmosphere
and it is causing air pollution. how are humans impacting climate change?
the climat change is due to greenhouse
gases in the atmosphere.
how can we reduce climate change?
ride bikes or walk for a short distance
use less coal
use solar panals for electricity
more ecofriendly buildings and factories
stop mining for coal & oil
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