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Library Orientation

Middle School Library Tips

Leigh Lohrasbi

on 9 February 2012

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Transcript of Library Orientation

Lewis and Clark
Middle School
Library Welcome to a new school year! 2011-2012 LC Middle School Library
Mission "To ensure students...
are effective users and producers
of ideas and information." Library Staff Teacher Librarian

Mrs. Lohrasbi Library Secretary
Mrs. Nass Library Hours
Open before school at 7:30 a.m.

Open after school
Until 2 on Mondays
Until 3 Tuesdays through Fridays. Student Checkout
If you have your ID card and
no outstanding fines or books you owe...
you may check out 3 items. If you don't have your ID
and you aren't owing any fines or books,you may check out 1 book this week only. Items are checked out for a 2 week period. Do you owe books or fines? We can help! If you pay for the books or return the books in good condition,
you may check out from our library. Magazines J-14, Shonen Jump
and more! You may check out 1 magazine at a time If the magazine is in a clear cover
It's the newest edition we have -
It doesn't go out. Students visit the library... *with their language arts class or their social studies class *come alone with a note from their teacher -
signing in at the desk. Computers available for
research, AR, Student Access, Gaggle and OPAC use Lewis and Clark Renaissance Place Watch for monthly AR Contests to be announced... Access to all quizzes Destiny Locate books,ebooks and websites from school and home Research Assignments
Library Webpage
Work Citations
Printing Middle School Library Advice Books here appeal to many different interests. If you discover a book
on our shelves that you would not want to read - put it back or give it to us to put it back. Not every book will be right for you - but it may be right for someone else... Middle School Changes Have a Great Year
and.... Keep Reading! With Author Terry Brooks
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