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Justin Mathew

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Photography

Is digital technology making art better ?
It seems some artists, who was so inspired by the past most of the time, have started to use digital technology so much today. The digital revolution happened almost instantly in art, and now days every piece of art we encounter i brought to us by using digital technology.
The Impact of Photography on Contemporary Graphics and Digital Design
Photography used in Design: Through Time
Impact of Computers and software in Photography
Is Photography Art?
Although computers have maximised the technical potential of photography and design, and created a whole new world of art forms, there is an ongoing debate on whether the now-huge accessibility of photography is taking away the artistic element - the people who agree with this would be the people who find the reliant relationship between computers and contemporary graphics a negative one. As much as these claims may be true, technically computers give us the ability to
push photography
and it's
use in graphic design
to it's
full potential
Photography, as with a lot of current multimedia technologies, arose from elements of applied technologies originally designed for specific/singular interests - e.g. Military use, Medical training, Train Drivers, etc. A lot of the earliest forms of photojournalism were photos used to document war. This developed into
being used to document issues around the world, and this shows how Photography has completely changed the way news is distributed today.
Research Project
Digital Media
Modern digital media includes programs such as:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse, After Effects, flash, Dreamweaver and 3d animation software such as Blender.

These programs are used for creating digital artwork, photo editing, website design, editing film and 3d animation. This prezi will focus on digital media in photography.

The development of digital imagery has made it possible for almost anyone to print clour photos. This has especially impacted on publishers and graphic designers in this day and age as our pages are much prettier and appealing than in the old days, helping to attract more buyers/readers/viewers.
Early Military Photo Report, 1855
'Migrant Mother', 1930s, Photojournalism showing the effects of the Great Depression
Printed photography throughout time has been created through a wide range of techniques, but it is
that have really maximized the potential for use of photography. Before using computers was common, the process of printing photographs was often long, laborious and expensive. Nowadays computers provide us access to easily print and display photos through screen, as well as providing an extensive list of softwares to manipulate and perfect our photos to our hearts desire. There are debates on whether computers have made photographers lazy, which may be true, but technically computers give us the ability to
push photography
and it's
use in graphic design
to it's
full potential
Photo editing software gives us an unlimited
list of possibilities to photo manipulation - like artist Michael O who took an unconventional approach to editing posed model photos

Another product of the combination of computers and photography is stop motion film - a form of animation which makes a physically manipulated object move on it's own
The Photographic Image in Digital Culture edited by Martin Lister, published in 1995
image - http://acculturated.com/2012/06/26/the-early-years-of-vogue-magazine/
image - http://wearesodroee.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/vogue-uk-december-2013/kate-moss-by-tim-walker-for-vogue-uk-december-2013/
image - http://englishrussia.com/2012/06/01/the-first-military-photo-report/
image - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lange-MigrantMother02.jpg

Attempts to capture motion through still drawing dates back to paleolithic cave painting - often showing animals drawn with multiple body parts in order to convey movement
3 Types of Animation
Traditional - individual frames of a drawing on paper photographed
Stop Motion - manipulation of objects photographed one frame at a time
Computer Animation - 2D & 3D
Before computer animation was widely used the encorporation of animation into films was a very lenghty process
For example in the 1988 film 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?', all the animation had to be done using cels and optical compositing - the post-production of the film lasted 14 months
Computers and the ever devloping softwares have impacted animation in that we can now produce high definition and very realistic motion film which now can take minutes rather than taking weeks, months, or years.
Computer games
Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Video Games

1. In January 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world.
It's a phone, an iPod, and an Internet device all in one.

The iPhone wasn't the only game-changer. The face of video games has changed so drastically that we probably wouldn't have even been able to predict where we are today just five years ago.

You can play high-definition games through the Internet

2. You might be surprised to hear that there are very successful companies that let you play console-quality games through what is essentially a web browser.

You'll probably be even more surprised to hear that the technology actually works

You play with your friends over the web

Nowadays, gamers don't even play against each other at the same time.

Playing a multiplayer game usually meant inviting friends over and beating each other in a quick round of Smash Bros. Then you could play against your friends and people you didn't even know at the same time through the Internet.

You can play 3D games without glasses
The Nintendo DS changed mobile gaming by introducing touch-based controls and two screens. After that they did it again with the next version of its console, which has a 3D display that you don't even have to use glasses to view.

Computers in art and design
In this prezi i will be investigating the
use of computers in art and design.
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