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Motivation strategies

Presentation for different motivational strategies for BSU course, EDHM 235, Learning and Motivation

Katelin Journet

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Motivation strategies

Motivation Strategies Students and their Experiences English Language Learners -Make lessons enjoyable and interesting
-Create a safe classroom atmosphere
-Assess background knowledge
-Model basic steps
-Use hands on activities Special Education 504 Plans/IEP School Culture Teacher Role -MOST IMPORTANT PART!
-Be open and available to students
-Adapt to students needs
-Use a variety of assessments
-Give feedback Curriculum and Instruction Assessment Organize and present in a clear and logical manner
Keep instruction smooth, not jerky
Make sure to be inclusive when incorporating student-relatable examples Use the internet!
Use different strategies
Vary evaluation methods -Always focus on abilities rather than disabilities
-Always build on prior knowledge
-Give immediate feedback
-Praise and recognize all effort
-Have opportunities every day for the student to experience success
incorporate students interests in the lesson
care about the students and be there for them
get to know the students
school environment needs to be safe
students get more involved
students need to accept each other -Set learning goals
-Instead of a standardized test, find a way
to accommodate student's strengths
-Have students think about what answers
they got right and wrong, and why they
may have gotten it wrong.
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