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Virtue Ethics

OCR RS A2 Ethics: Virtue Ethics

Sarah Priddey

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of Virtue Ethics

Virtue Ethics Aristotle Should not focus on following guidelines about what is right and wrong and what we should and should not do Should aim to become better people
Agent Centered focused on the development of people rather than on the morality of what they are doing Still morally blameworthy / praiseworthy for your actions but moves you forward in developing a virtuous life unlike actioned centered theories denotological theories Natural Law Kantian Ethics Teleological Theories Utilitarianism Situation Ethics E.G. If someone wanted to develop their corage by stopping a mugging this would enable her to develop courage, but also it is a morally virtuous action. Will ultimately benefit society If everyone develps moral virtues they will perform moral actions Society would have fewer muggings if everyone acted like the couragous woman eudaimonia The doctrine of the mean Also known as "The Golden Mean" For every vice that we should aim for there is a vice of deficiency and a vice of excess Virtues Courage Temperance Liberality Munificence High Mindedness Right Ambition Good Temper Friendliness Sincerity Wittiness Modesty Just Resentment spiritlessness irascibility Humble -mindedness Vanity cowardice rashness callousness spitefulness surliness obsequilousness insensibility self-indulgent pettiness vulgarity unambitiousness over-ambition boorishness buffoonery ironical depreciation boastfulness shamelessness bashfulness meaness prodigality contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous lack of a virtue too much of a virtue Eudaimonia not just pleasure, much more encompasses all elements of happiness health emotional political philosophical final cause of a human being intrinsically valuable Not the means to another end, but desired for its own sake but both individuals and society Can be achived by developing the virtues and avoiding the negative ones. This may take a lifetime Mother Theresa spent all her lifetime working with social outcasts in Calcutta, showing many of Aristotle's virtues She deserved her eudaimonia Role Models We should aim to imitate those whom we consider virtuous we can develop our virtue by copying their behaviour and attitudes Examples Martin Luther King Mother Thereasa Nelson Mandela Jesus Christ Bill Gates Al Gore John Lewis Partnership Treats employees as partners, giving them free shares in the company. Worked to achieve black civil rights in America using peaceful protests such as the freedom walks Set up the Gate's Foundation to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty around the world, and in America, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology Worked to end Apartheid in South America. Was imprisoned for 27 years and later became the first black President of South Africa Campagined to raise awareness in America about climate change. This was later made into a documentary called "An Inconvienient truth" Chris Martin Outspoke in support for fair trade All these people can provide inspiration and guidance for where difficult moral descions need to be made Virtuous role models are not perfect They may have developed some virtues but also still have many vices Princess Diana Worked with children dying from HIV and AID's Campagined against the use of landmines Extra-marital affairs Modern role models Harry Potter Frodo Baggins Shows courage against enemies Loyalty to his friends All encourage us to be more virtuous people Sometimes more accessible to young people than political or role models that are no longer alive Told his followers to behave like him Monks and Nuns devote their entire lives to this practice St Paul encouraged Christians to model themselves on Jesus "But when the holy spirit controls our lives, he will produce the kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Here there is no conflict with the law" Many younger people wear WWJD bracelets What would Jesus Do? Jesus's Virtuous Behaviour Showed compassion to those other rejected Prostitutes
Tax Collectors
Lepers Demonstrated righteous anger in the temple courts Mark 12:40 and Luke 20:47 Showed great wisdom in dealing with an adulterous woman John 8:3-11 Showed patience when dealing with his disciples crubfoiehifoh The Virtues The Importance of Practicing the Virtues
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