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Depicting Society

Intro to Sociology

Geovanna Salazar

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Depicting Society

Geovanna Salazar Intro to Sociology
2:00 p Class
Spring 2013 Depictions Of Society Social Location The group of teens you see here are participating in "High School Prom". In a first world country like the United States, this is where student spend hundreds of dollars to dress up nice, have fine dining and go to a large venue that is just as fancy to dance. The teens you see in this photo are able to participate because of the fortune of living a middle class society in United States . If they were to live in a third world, "Prom Night" would not exist or even they would probably not even have a high school education. Social Integration I came across a Latino restaurant where there was a soccer game being played. The game was Chile vs Brazil. The people in the photo are all Chilean. They all became friends because their parents have a small but, tight community made of only Chileans. This community gets together in events that have to do with their nationality. The children of these Chileans are all born in the United States. It is only when they get together that they claim/practice the Chilean culture such as, the food, Soccer, and music. Symbolic Interaction This photo was taken during Atlanta's pride festival. The gay community uses the "Rainbow" to represent their community. At the Pride festival, the community gathers together to express themselves openly. It is common to see signs such as the ones in the photo to express their views and opinions. Material Culture I am a manager at my company (I know hard to believe right) and we had a business meeting at a large venue and after the meeting I saw these women wearing beautiful "saris". Saris are popular in countries like India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Pakistan, etc. I didn't get a good photo so I followed them inside a room and it was filled with many people. Turns out I crashed a wedding. This was a Indian traditional wedding. New Technology It is true to say that after high school a lot of our lives changed. My group of friends have been close since the middle school days. After high school all of us had different paths; I got a promotion at work and a lot of my time was taken away, One got married and moved to Texas, another went to the army, the other two went off to college in the city. Because of technology we are all able to talk to each other on web cameras. It feels as if nothing has changed. I could imagine with out this new technology we would of all lost contact with each other. Counterculture Walking around the mall I saw alot of people turning their heads, many of their facial expressions were changed as if they either saw a dog talk or a man eating a fly. Some were even staring. I looked to find this couple. Not only were they gay but, they were also, "Gothic". Talk about being rebels. Just by the people's reaction you can tell that they go against the norms in society. When I asked for a picture they said, "Of course, we are proud to be different! Life's too boring to live with society" G Gender I was invited to my boss' four year old daughter's birthday party. When I was shopping for her, like every other person who was invited, we all had the same thought process. Look for anything with pink, flowers, frilly things, bows, things like that. Not for army toys, or guns, or blue. Why? Because she was a female therefore, we buy her things that society expects girls to like and be. In the photo is an example of gender message in mass media. The dress is Rapunzel's dress from the Disney Princess movie "Tangled". She is also, serving guest "tea". Therefore society is shaping her to dress in gowns like her favorite princess and enjoy serving her guest in lady like matters such as, a "Tea Party" Peer Group There's something about guys covered in dirt that is hot. Anyways back to the project... The boys here represent a "peer group". They are all in the same age group, go to the same high school and during their free time they play in the mud. After the rain, they go off roading with their trucks and when it rains they ride their dirt bikes. This is an activity/interest they share and explains why they are friends and/or peers Total Institution Just as I said before my best friend is in the Army. I don't have a picture of him in boot camp but, this will have to do. He came down to visit from Fort Bragg. After being isolated from the world and only being able to receive letters, even I could tell that this was not the same boy who left me. He went from being a little prankster, never serious and always did the most stupid things to a serious and to himself guy. Once we went out to dinner and a movie. When he was driving me home he told me, "I know I'm being quiet and I'm sorry. Is it strange if I say I just forgot how to talk to people?" Social Class For spring break I went to visit my cousins in Florida. I always like to visit them when I have a vacation. For one reason is because I miss them and the other is they have a gorgeous house by the beach. My cousins have good fortune. They live in a gated community where only people who live in that community attend the same schools and have the same grocery store and gym. Anyone outside of the gates cannot come inside the community. Therefore, my cousins have never seen people of less fortune or doesn't know a kid who doesn't own an Iphone. This is their social class. Stereotype I am hispanic. Therefore you would automatically assume that I am Catholic. Yes, I am. So, you also assume that my family is Catholic. No, my cousins are Jewish. Their good fortune always falls under the stereotype of being Jewish. Even my cousins joke around when I told them, "You are 11, why do you need an Iphone? Kids your age don't need it...or can even afford it!" and he responds, "It's because I'm a Jew" Teamwork This was taken in a volunteer church where people donate clothing to give to areas in poverty. These are volunteers working together to sort the clothing by age and gender. There were about 65 boxes sorted out. Positive Sanction Graduation ceremonies! Probably one of the most rewarding accomplishments in one's life. By celebrating, holding a ceremony and rewarding a degree for this accomplishment it is an example of positive sanction. Labeling Theory This is one of my best friends. We grew up in the same street and many of the neighborhood kids became a close knit group. We like to say "We were free, we were ugly and we are all best friends". The adults in the neighborhood always thought we were up to no good because we used to sneak out and have fires in the woods. We got labeled "Roughnecks" by an old man and it stuck. We used to be so proud yelling it in the streets at night, drinking in the woods, and just being wreckless. Now it is tradition that when a boy in the group turns 18, he gets the tattoo you see on my friend. It represents "Roughneck Boys". Deviance I have a strange hobby that started when I was 16. I like to break into farms. I get a great rush when I climb over barb wires or just sleep in a barn. The best part of this hobby is to always bring that one friend who doesn't want to do it but does it anyways because everyone else is doing it Inter generational mobility My aunt and my mother were born in a third world country. Their parents brought them to America when they were children. They used to tell me that they were so poor that every Trash day they would go around looking for utilities and furniture to put into their homes. Now they are both well off and not struggling. This picture represents how much their lives have changed. They just came back from shoe shopping and bought $120 matching boots and the photo is being taken inside my aunt's beach home. Wealth As much as I wish this was my car, it's not. One day when I was leaving a business event I saw one of my bosses driving this. You can obviously tell, he is wealthy. Prestige This photo was taken at some charity event my company held. It was being held at 200 Peachtree street so, of course I brought my best friend with me. At my job I have a pretty respectable occupation status for my age. My best friend joked with me at the end of the event saying, "Wow, you are such a serious person. Didn't know you could keep it up for that long" I responded, "Oh, I know I was internally dying but, most of those people are much bigger bosses!!! I was shaking" Prejudice On the back of this truck is the Confederate flag. As we know it signifies the Rebels in the south and the belief of white supremacy. By displaying the flag they express their belief of white supremacy with pride. Discrimination The gay community receives a lot of unfair treatment and hateful actions towards them. This man is prideful for his sexuality and would rather accept hate than pretend to be straight. Ethnicity I think the most unique feature the United States has is the many various people are found in the country. Also, how there are couples of all types. My best friend is Mexican and she is marrying an Afghan. Na Nature vs Nurture Another very good friend of mine grew up with all boys. Because she lives in America, we are free to express and dress the way we please. As a child she has always been into boy things. Biology has made her a female but, nurture molded her into taking a liking into more masculine things. Perhaps this explains why she is attracted to females and not males. Gender Role I have notice at retail places such as Kroger, males are always put into positions that require manual labor. When you walk into Kroger, majority of the baggers or people pushing carts are males. The cashiers and Guest Care employees are females. Females are just expected to be more tender and compassionate and are given these positions that provide customer services. Life Expectancy The U.S. has a high expectancy rate. Which in other words means the number of people expected to live has increased. I used this picture of me, my mother, and her mother, to represent that we live in a time that a family can have three generations or more into it. Credential Society We live in a society that education means everything to make a living. Degrees and diplomas are used to determine if someone is capable for a certain profession. Tracking In educational facilities there are two (some schools have three) tracks. There are "Advance Placement", "College Preparatory" and "Technical Track". Hidden Curriculum Detention is an example of a hidden curriculum. It enforces behaviors expected out of students. By punishing the student they would learn new behaviors and what is expected of them even after graduation. Community This is Club Opera in Atlanta. This is an example of community in the city. The people who live in the city go to this club. They are all individuals who embrace the city life and the late nights. Therefore, they are part of the city's community Propaganda Walking around the Kennesaw University campus I saw a lot of people wearing this shirt. I was curious to know what it meant so i asked this girl. She said that the Collegiate lofts at KSU will give free Braves tickets to people wearing the shirt. Then she told me I should go and sign a lease. I guess the promotion was a success because it caught my attention. Reformative Social Movement The "Stop Bullying Campaign" is popular in our society because so many people are victims to bullying. There's many supporters who are against. This is something that we are trying to change and completely eliminate in our society.
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