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Critical Thinking

No description

Juan Sanchez

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Critical Thinking

Thinking Critical Have in Reason Independent Integrity Have Act towards others the way you want others to act towards you. Don't QUIT! Don't be afraid to work hard when you feel like giving up. There is always room for improvement. NEVER GIVE UP! Perseverance A Better You..
..A Better World Do your own thinking. Figure out things for yourself. Don't believe what you want to believe, and use Intellectual Standards when thinking. Be compassionate of other people's thoughts and feelings. Try to see their point of views. Courage Confidence Fairminded What
Farrukh Thanks for your time! Be Have Be Have Be Group Project Humble Be Recognize that you don't know everything. Most things you think about are not true. Always ask, How do I know that? How do you know that? Speak up when you believe its right but always be respectful. Develop the courage to look inside your mind and question everything that goes on in there. Make sure your information is accurate and relevant when solving a problem. Avoid superficial answers on complicated problems. Really see the different point of views. Trust evidence, facts and reasoning. does all of this make? What does it mean? Are you looking at another reasonable way to look at this situation?
Does your point of view seem to be the only correct one?
Do you try and enter and appreciate the point of view of others? Be fair in every situation. think about everyone else not just you. Be willing to give up needs to help other people in need. Put yourself in their shoes, but most importantly - Think Before You Act. Bye! Empathetic Group 3: Remember When deciding what to believe.. Be Accurate!
Correct, True, and Not Distorted. Be Precise!
Give Details to Solve the Problem Have Breadth!
Have a Wide Range of Views Be Logical!
Makes Sure it Make Sense, and that Everything Fits Together Be Relevant!
Relate it Directly to the Problem Have Depth!
Don't be Superficial, Deal with the Complexities Be Clear!
Make it Understandable Be Fair!
Consider the Thoughts and Views of Others Be Significant!
Focus on Important, not The Trivial
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